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Lowman Henry
Lowman Henry

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by Lowman S. Henry

Loony Lefty of the Week: Katie McGinty

July 23, 2015

Our Loony Lefty of the Week the week is Katie McGinty who stepped down as the Governor's Chief of Staff in the midst of a budget crisis to run for U.S. Senator.

McGinty is one of the most far Left policy advocates in the state sporting a resume that includes a stint as Al (the world is melting) Gore's environmental advisor.

She, along with fellow lefty policy advisor John Hanger have pushed Governor Tom Wolf into proposing not only the largest tax hike in state history, but one that exceeds the combined proposed tax hikes of all the other 49 states.

Now, with no state budget and no resolution to the situation even on the horizon, she bails.

Or was she pushed?

Could this be a face saving way for Governor Wolf to clean house?

For her part, McGinty is just the latest in a long string of potential candidates Democratic party leaders have approached in a desperate attempt to not re-nominate Joe Sestak to face off against U.S. Senator Pat Toomey.

The fact she was far down the recruitment list doesn't seem to bother McGinty.

Of course, Joe Sestak may have a thing or two to say about whether she actually gets the U.S. Senate nomination.

In any event, the Democrats are in disarray - but still are only rearranging the chairs on the left deck of the Titanic.

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