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Lowman Henry
Lowman Henry

Lincoln Blog

by Lowman S. Henry

Loony Lefty of the Week: Barack Obama

July 16, 2015

The Obama Administration has concluded a "deal" with Iran that imperils our most important allies in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and which critics point out pave the way for that rogue nation to acquire nuclear weapons capability within a decade.

Iran will also benefit from the lifting of economic sanctions which have crippled its economy. It will not be required to cease being a state sponsor of terrorism throughout the region. Nor will the agreement free four Americans currently being illegally detained by the Iranian regime.

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have sold out both American and regional interests in pursuit of an agreement they view as their historical legacy. In the fullness of time that legacy will make them look more like Neville Chamberlain (Britain's great Nazi appeaser) than Winston Churchill.

Since the deal is being termed an "agreement" rather than a treaty it is likely to stand. A treaty would require ratification by the U.S. Senate, and would lack the votes for approval. But, since it is an "agreement," both houses of congress must agree on a bill to void the deal. Such legislation is likely to pass, but President Obama will then veto it and there will probably not be the two-thirds votes needed in each chamber to override his veto.

For his sell-out of America, President Barack Obama is our Loony Lefty of the Week.

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