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Lowman Henry
Lowman Henry

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by Lowman S. Henry

More Reasons to Boot Penn State Trustees

May 01, 2014

You have to wonder if such stupidity comes naturally or if it takes hard work.
Once again the Board of Trustees of Penn State University has proven why their collective resignations are in order.

After fostering a climate that allowed the Jerry Sandusky scandal to fester, then botching the handling of it to the point of triggering a campus riot, you would think the trustees might want to make sure the next chapter in the storied university's history would be clear of even a hint of misdeed.

Give the trustees an F-minus on that assignment.

The two most high profile personnel hires since the Sandusky saga - a new president and a new head football coach -- have both become dogged by their actions, alleged actions or inactions in the wake of sexual abuse scandals.

President-in-waiting Eric Barron's role in the case of a star football player's alleged, but never proven, sexual assault allegation call his ability to restore Penn State's credibility on such issues into question.

Given the large number of high quality presidential candidates you have to wonder what the trustees were thinking to even considering hiring someone who brings his own baggage to a university that already looks like an airline luggage claims area when it comes to handling sexual abuse.

Now new questions have arisen about the role of new head football coach James Franklin in a sexual assault scandal involving players at his former employer, Vanderbilt University.

Again, Penn State was not lacking for high quality football coaching candidates. Why even take a risk on hiring someone who was mired in a controversial situation of his own.

The hiring of Franklin is made even more suspect in that those same trustees dumped legendary coach Joe Paterno like yesterday's table scraps when the Sandusky scandal came to light.

All of this adds up to gross and collective incompetence on the part of the Penn State University's Board of Trustees.

As I have said in this blog before, the time has come for each and every one of them to resign and let new and presumably more competent leadership, take the helm at Penn State.

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