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Lowman Henry
Lowman Henry

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by Lowman S. Henry

Black Robed Bandits and Voter ID

November 02, 2012

Opponents of fair elections - those who are fighting the implementation of photo ID requirements for voters - seem to have come to the end of their legal course, for this election cycle at least.

Unfortunately, certain members of the judiciary decided to rule based upon political pressure rather than the state constitution and, while letting the state's new photo voter ID law stand, held it in abeyance for Tuesday's election.

The election Tuesday is shaping up as one of the most pivotal in our nation's history. So, you would expect that ensuring the integrity of the election process would be of paramount concern. Instead, the courts allowed themselves to be bullied into a compromise position. But the constitution is the constitution. The job of the judiciary is to rule based upon what the document says, not try to find a way to satisfy all sides in a dispute.

And so while voters will be asked to show a photo ID on Tuesday, one will not be required for voting. The courts did uphold the underlying law, so unless they cave to future caterwauling by the Left, photo ID will be required in all future elections.

Having once again ensured that Tuesday's election will have to be won outside the margin of fraud, opponents of photo voter ID set their sights on advertising by the Department of State telling voters that ID should be brought to the polls, but that it would not be required. That was consistent with the court's ruling. Not good enough argued opponents of the law who then asked the judiciary to compel the commonwealth to further water down its advertising.

Even Pennsylvania's flexible judiciary couldn't go that far. Albeit four days before the election, the courts have ruled the advertising is fine. Not that much could have been changed at this late date anyway.

And so Penn's Woods will go into the most important election of our lifetime without the safety net of photo voter ID in place. The principle that the electorate should be comprised of live people voting only once has no teeth.

Let us hope that whoever wins Pennsylvania's popular vote for President does so by a margin great enough that we the people can be confident fraud did not influence the outcome.

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