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Lowman Henry
Lowman Henry

Lincoln Blog

by Lowman S. Henry

Obama Meltdown in Appalachian States

May 23, 2012

It is bad enough when a felon behind bars in another state gets 40% of the vote competing against a sitting President of the United States in a presidential primary.

But in the next primary when 42% vote for "uncommitted" - essentially ANYBODY else regardless of who they might be, you know you are in trouble.

That is what happened yesterday in the Kentucky Primary where 42% of the Democratic electorate opted for anybody but Obama. The incumbent president didn't fare much better in nearby Arkansas where 40% voted for the one other candidate on the ballot - a candidate who is a virtual unknown.

Voting in the West Virginia, Kentucky and Arkansas primaries has revealed the Achilles Heel of the Obama re-election effort. He is deeply disliked by voters in his own party in the Appalachian Region. That makes for a significant problem for the Obama campaign in that the region extends into parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania - two must win states for the president.

This news, coupled with the release of a poll this morning showing Mitt Romney romping to a 7% lead in Florida, has punctured the aura of invincibility the White House had hoped to take into the General Election campaign.

It also explains the strident tone of the Obama campaign's first ads of the season. Attacks on Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain Capital that were so harsh even members of the president's own party - including former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell - have cried foul.

The fact is President Obama cannot win simply by attacking his opponent. In the end, America is going to judge him on his record. And, based on the Democratic primary votes in West Virginia, Kentucky and Arkansas it is understandable why Mr. Obama is trying so hard to change the subject.

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