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Jerry Shenk

Liberal Double Standards

by Jerry Shenk

Liberals insist that conservatives hate women and minorities.

Perhaps there's proof of their allegations:

On a May 11 national television show, a panelist said, "I don't think we
would be taking her seriously at all if she weren't a woman."

Recently, in print, a nationally-syndicated columnist excoriated an
accomplished black man.

On another TV show, a news host told an Hispanic guest that people are
curious about his "identity," and then asked a series of questions intended
to establish his guest's Hispanic authenticity: what kind of Cuban food did
he like as a child, and what Cuban music does he listen to today?

He finished by asking his guest to say something "en Espaol."

All of these things were condescending, degrading — and inflammatory, but
only if a conservative had made them.

Chances are most Americans haven't heard about these events, because they
were all perpetrated by liberals eager to discredit conservative female and
minority candidates.

The first statement wasn't made about Hillary Clinton, it was made on NBC's
Meet the Press by liberal Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus
about GOP presidential
candidate Carly Fiorina. Fiorina, a Stanford graduate, started her career
as secretary for a realty firm and eventually became CEO of Hewlett-Packard,
a huge global electronics company.

Liberal Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton emphasizes her gender.
Considering her abysmal record as first lady, senator and secretary of
state, Hillary's gender may be her lone campaign asset. Fiorina is the

The second example was written by liberal black syndicated-columnist Cynthia
Tucker about Dr. Ben Carson, a black man and GOP presidential
contender. Carson rose from the ghetto to become a world-renowned surgeon,
but Tucker happily reduced him to a man who "will likely be remembered as
the GOP's latest black mascot, a court jester, a minstrel show."

The TV interview was conducted on Bloomberg News with GOP presidential
candidate, US Senator Ted Cruz by liberal host Mark Halperin . Cruz has a BA from Princeton and a JD from Harvard Law. His biography includes service as Solicitor General of Texas, Director at the Federal Trade Commission and Associate Deputy Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice. But Halperin thought Cruz's ethnic food preferences were news.

The Republican presidential field is diverse. Democrats are running an
elderly white woman.

But this is how progressives play the game:

A conservative Hispanic is subjected to demeaning, stereotypical
"authenticity" tests.

The left accepts an inexperienced, but liberal black community organizer as
presidential material, but a black conservative seeking the presidency is a
"token, a "mascot."

Because she's liberal, Hillary Clinton's gender is a legitimate reason to
elect her. But, if you're running as a conservative female, you're only
exploiting your lady parts.

To the left, one's skin color, gender or ethnicity should determine one's
politics. Diversity of thought isn't permissible.

It's amusing to see the left's mask slip to reveal their "emotional" pieties
about color-blindness, civility, multiculturalism and human dignity as the
politically-expedient lies they really are.

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