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Volume 2, Issue 6 April 2012

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National Volunteer Week

PFEW Dates
PFEW 2012

Week I -
Lycoming College
July 8-14, 2012

Week II -
Lycoming College
July 15-21, 2012

Week III -
Lycoming College
July 29- Aug. 4, 2012

Week IV -
Penn College
August 5-11, 2012

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Dear Lowman,

Just as "April showers bring May flowers", spring brings the busiest time at the PFEW offices. With less than three months left until the start of this summer's four sessions, the staff is working hard to prepare the welcome for the next generation of the "PFEW family" in July and August.

This edition of the PFEW Pulse is dedicated to the students who will take part in this summer's program. Almost 1,200 students have already accepted their scholarship award for PFEW 2012. As we announced previously, our 2012 sessions have been expanded to accommodate 1,600 students. This means there are now more spaces available for students to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime experience that is PFEW (details in the article below). We hope some of the young adults in your family will consider joining our "family". Click here to apply!

The PFEW Staff
Alumni Testimonials
This month we are pleased to feature an Alumnus who was CEO of his "company" at PFEW 2011.

"PFEW to me was an extremely beneficial, life-changing experience. As I rode into Lycoming College, I thought to myself 'What did I sign myself up for?' when I left, 'Please don't make me leave!' PFEW has truly brought me some of my best friends, greatest memories and a leg over others in competing to get into colleges. Not every day do you get to be a part of something so great, educational and just plain fun, as PFEW was. I learned about stocks and marketing, but also the stress of a business, how to handle it, teamwork and life in general. I'm still telling stories of days at PFEW. I miss it and I'm still in contact with almost all of my friends and team. E3 FOR LIFE!"
~ Collin Costello, Bradford Area HS

Spaces Still Available!

PFEW has extended the student application deadline. This means spaces are still available for students to apply for this summer's program. We will fill the open spaces on a first come, first served basis.

If you are a parent or grandparent of a current sophomore or junior (rising juniors and seniors), there is still time to get your child involved in the program. Spaces are filling quickly, so don't delay!

Students can apply directly online by clicking here or you can download and print an application by clicking here.

As this is National Volunteer Week, it only seems fitting that we close this edition of the PFEW Pulse by taking a moment to recognize those who give back to PFEW. National Volunteer Week was created to inspire, recognize and encourage people to seek out ways to be involved in their communities. By being a supporter of PFEW, you are not only giving back to your own community, but also making an investment in Pennsylvania's future. As we look forward to hosting the next generation of PFEW students this summer, we want to take time to thank those who have graciously supported PFEW in one capacity or another. Each year the "PFEW family" grows with the addition of students, donors and volunteers who have helped make the program internationally-acclaimed. As an organization, we could not do what we do without the gracious support we receive from our incredible volunteers.
Click here to see a current list of Company Advisors.

PFEW 2011 Week II Company Advisors and Staff

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