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Volume 2, Issue 5 March 2012

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Alumni News

PFEW Dates
PFEW 2012

Week I -
Lycoming College
July 8-14, 2012

Week II -
Lycoming College
July 15-21, 2012

Week III -
Lycoming College
July 29- Aug. 4, 2012

Week IV -
Penn College
August 5-11, 2012

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Dear Lowman,

Great news from PFEW! Spring has "sprung" and we are awash in student applications for our coming four summer sessions. With still nearly three months left to go in the school year, we are on a record setting pace with more than 1,400 applications already in hand. Accordingly, at its mid-winter meeting, our Board of Directors has expanded the number of available seats to 1,600, meaning there will be approximately 400 students in attendance at each session. Add to that the 200+ business volunteers who will actually be delivering the PFEW experience to our students, and we will be hosting approximately 1,800 participants during PFEW 2012!

It's also not too late to apply. If you have a son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, who is presently either in the 10th or 11th grade, they can simply go to, click on "Apply Now" on the homepage, and follow the easy application steps. We have a fantastic lineup of world-class speakers and exciting activities for our students - it's truly an experience of-a-lifetime!

The PFEW Staff
Alumni Testimonials
This month we are pleased to feature an Alumnus who was CEO of her "company" at PFEW 2011.
"PFEW was a fantastic experience. After getting thrown into the college environment right from the start, I was lucky enough to meet fantastic friends almost immediately. They have continued to be my good friends even after the week ended. While at the program, I was constantly surrounded by young men and women who were all determined to succeed, and I had never been in an atmosphere like that before. It was exciting when, during our group meetings, we would have three or four members bouncing ideas back and forth off one another to come up with the final result. As CEO, it was my job to keep my group on the right path, and while it was definitely a difficult job, my group was full of so many intelligent minds that we all seemed to realize that the end result was the most important thing.

In addition to having great creative flow in my group, we also had help from our fantastic "Company Advisor" Chuck Baker (Michelin North America). He is one of the most inspirational people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only was he a fantastic help for my group the entire week, he was also a role model. Constantly showing us how to carry ourselves in life and in business, I definitely learned the most from him during the days I spent at PFEW.

In my group and during down time, I was able to meet new and interesting people my age who shared similar ideas about their future. All in all, PFEW was a challenging and rewarding experience that I don't know where I would have gotten anywhere else."
~ Elizabeth Griffin, Villa Joseph Marie HS

Student Sponsorships

As a result of the program's expansion, we are still in need of sponsors for all of the eager students who are applying to PFEW 2012. Our individual scholarship while the actual value to the student is approximately $1,500. That's because of the value of the donated time and all of the program materials from our loyal supporters. All contributions to PFEW are fully tax-deductible so if you would like to make a gift to a student or students in your area, simply go to, click on the "For Donors" tab on the homepage and follow the easy instructions under "Make a Pledge".

PFEW is also qualified as a charitable organization under the Pennsylvania Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. As such, your company may also qualify for a tax credit of up to 90% annually for any gift you make to PFEW. That means a gift of $1,000 only costs the donor about $100 out-of-pocket, but yet would sponsor two full scholarships for students from your area. We now assist approximately 100 companies in the easy annual application process to qualify for participation in the program. If you are interested, simply send a short email to our President John Trombetta at He will be happy to assist you.

Thanks so much to all of our loyal supporters who have made wonderful contributions to this year's program. Never has our mission of celebrating private enterprise been so important!
'Company Advisors' Still Needed

Now that the program is expanding to accommodate more students, we are still in need of "Company Advisors" to fill that all-important volunteer role. Each Advisor will mentor a "management team" of students, approximately 16 or 17 to a team, as they operate their imaginary "corporations" for three years in a computer-simulated environment. No specific background is necessary to be an outstanding Advisor, just a sincere desire to work with young people who are learning about the world of business and what it means to all of us. All formal "instruction" is handled by trained presenters. The Advisor's role is to help the students get organized, set goals, and then work toward those goals as a team. Advisors are well trained prior to assuming their roles and it is truly an experience of-a-lifetime!

If you or a colleague is interested in one of the most truly rewarding and memorable experiences that one could ever have, simply visit, click on the "Volunteer" tab on the homepage, and follow the easy instructions. The dates for the program are listed on the website, as are the dates for training. We presently have a number of openings so come and join the fun!

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