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From the Kitchen Table

For Unto Us

by Peg Luksik

They are among the most well-known words ever spoken. Most of us will smile when we hear them, and complete the phrase in our minds. We will see a stable, and a star, and shepherds, and hear the voices of angels.

The event in that stable changed the world.

By today's standards, it shouldn't have. After all, there was no one from the government in attendance. There was no one of wealth. In fact, there was no one the world would have considered to be important at all.

There was, however, a family.

A family in which the husband and the wife loved God and each other.
The wife in that family had trusted in the depth and strength of her husband's love for her when she had agreed to the request brought to her by the angel. She knew that he would hold her life and the life of her unborn Child in his hands; that a single word from him would result in her death by stoning.

The husband had never said that word. Even when he had not understood the entirety of what was happening before his eyes. His love for her was unconditional, so he had decided to sacrifice his own reputation to protect her. And it was only after he had chosen self-sacrifice that the complete reality of the Child was revealed to him.

It was the marriage that created the situation for the Child to be born. The world was changed because a man and a woman honored the covenant that was, and is, marriage.

The power of that covenant is as real today as it was two thousand years ago.
We are a society that is struggling with a myriad of potentially devastating problems. The list is nearly endless.

If we are serious about solving them, we need to look at the single best method for dealing with all of them. A method that does not involve a new government entitlement program, or a thousand page law, or another federal agency.
We can each work to strengthen our own family.

We can deepen the bonds between ourselves and our spouses. We can strengthen our communication with our children. We can reach out to older relatives. Perhaps such efforts will mean that we must practice forgiveness or patience. Perhaps they will demand extra time or finances. Perhaps they will challenge us to reach past our own comfort zones.

We will be in good company.

The young woman who bore the Child we celebrate, and the husband who loved her enough to trust in what he could not see, have shown us what is possible we love God and each other.

If we truly desire to receive the gift of love that they gave us, the best way to do so is to follow in their footsteps.

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