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The Foundation for Free Enterprise Education

PFEW Pulse

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Volume 2, Issue 1
November 2011

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PFEW Dates

PFEW 2012

Week I -

Lycoming College

July 8-14, 2012

Week II -

Lycoming College

July 15-21, 2012

Week III -

Lycoming College

July 29- Aug. 4, 2012

Week IV -

Penn College

August 5-11, 2012

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Dear Lowman,

The Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us and, indeed, at PFEW we have so much
to be grateful for. Our first request to our donors for scholarship gifts for the
students who will be attending PFEW 2012 went out in early October. Even despite
the continuing difficult economy, the initial responses have been very gratifying
and encouraging. Thank you so much to all who responded so quickly!!

Our recruiting season for those students is also now in full swing. Earlier this
month complete "packets" of student applications, posters for classrooms and guidance
offices, etc. went out to nearly 2,400 school "contacts" throughout Pennsylvania.
PFEW materials now go to every public and private high school in Pennsylvania, as
well as, to charter schools, cyber schools, the Homeschoolers Association, etc.
If you have a son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter who is either in the 10th
or 11th grades presently, and you would like to obtain more information about PFEW,
simply email us at Students can now obtain applications online.

Finally, as Thanksgiving Day approaches, we should all pause for a moment to give
thanks for living in a country that, despite all of its present economic difficulties,
has given us and our families the greatest opportunities and level of living in
the history of mankind.

We close by wishing our readers a safe and bountiful Thanksgiving holiday!


The PFEW Staff

Alumni Testimonials

Social Media has made it easy to keep in touch with many Alumni. This month we are
pleased to feature an Alumni who loved his PFEW experience so much that he sent
us two wonderful messages!

July 16, 2011

"I wanted to thank you again for giving me the chance to learn more about the world
of Business and have the ability to make some "friends-for-life". Best week of my
life (so far!). Wish you and the staff of PFEW the best and good luck with everything
for the upcoming weeks and years. I'd definitely love to come back some time as
an RA or whatever is available to help out. I'm going to spread the word around,
PFEW is a great, life-changing experience that should be experienced by everyone.

July 30, 2011

"The PFEW experience has greatly impacted my life and career path. The speakers
were very motivational and did a great job of showing the other aspects of life.
I've always wanted to work in the Business field, and being put in a company helped
give me a feel for what it will be like. So glad I went, it was a very life changing

God Bless,
Jordan Thurston, Spring-Ford SHS

Parent Testimonials
What parents are saying about their child's PFEW experience:

"My daughter's experience at PFEW provided an already motivated student with the
self-confidence and independence to move forward and compete with colleagues. The
friendships and bonding with complete strangers that was developed in just a week
is incredible. She's been talking about PFEW ever since her recent experience at
Lycoming College."

Ms. Elizabeth Brown,

Parent of PFEW 2011 Graduate Liz Brown



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