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Volume 1, Issue 8 October 2011

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PFEW Dates
PFEW 2012

Week I - Lycoming
July 8-14, 2012

Week II - Lycoming
July 15-21, 2012

Week III - Lycoming
July 29- Aug. 4, 2012

Week IV - Penn
August 5-11, 2012

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Dear Lowman,

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week 2012 has officially "kicked off!!" Our new fiscal year began on October 1st, marking the start of preparations for next summer's sessions in July and August. For the 34th year, we will be hosting eager rising juniors and seniors from high schools all across Pennsylvania, teaching them to celebrate our free enterprise system and also educating them about the challenges facing all Pennsylvania companies in an increasingly global marketplace.
One only has to look at the nightly news reports on demonstrations across the country and around the world to realize the importance of our mission. We all know about the excesses of some of our financial institutions and also the failure of some of our governmental oversight agencies which contributed to the housing bubble burst and eventual recession. However, to see tens of thousands of people advocating the abandonment of our private enterprise system in favor of something more akin to socialism or even communism is absolutely chilling. So many young people are misinformed and our mission remains the same, to make sure the future leaders of Pennsylvania understand what true free enterprise means to the fundamental freedoms and quality of life we all enjoy.
Our first appeal for volunteers and sponsors for our students has gone out across the state. We invite our readers to join us for the summer of 2012 as we introduce yet another eager group of young Pennsylvanians to the wonders of our free market system. Happy fall!

The PFEW Staff

Alumni Testimonials
This month we are pleased to feature two PFEW Alum:

"PFEW is an amazing experience for the heart and mind of the high school student."
Morgan Rohrbach, State College Area HS

"PFEW is one of the most effective programs I have ever seen. Nothing can compare to it!"
Josiah Hawes, Neshannock JSHS
Parent Testimonials
What parents are saying about their child's PFEW experience:

"My daughter Emily (17yr old - Conwell Egan class of 2012) returned from PFEW in July 2011 filled with enthusiasm, great ideas and a special light in her eye. I wanted to capture her energy in a bottle and store it away for a rainy day. She made great friends, learned a lot about running a small business and much more about herself. Pennsylvania, our future is bright if the other 3000 + kids returned with a similar enthusiasm."
Mr. Tom Gilmour, Parent of PFEW '11 Alum Emily Gilmour

"PFEW 2011 provided our daughter, Erin, with a great opportunity to learn about business, make new friends and challenge herself in ways that school does not offer. We are thrilled that she had such a great experience."
Mr. and Mrs. Paul ~Barbara Ward, Parents of PFEW '11 Alum Erin Ward

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