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Dear Lowman,

Sunshine and Spending will be the key issues in 2011 Montgomery County Commissioners campaigns.

You can view more posts on my blog.

Bob Guzzardi, independent of any candidate, campaign or organization. This message has not been approved by anyone but me.

Sunshine in MontCo Courthouse: Newspapers

The Times Herald has done what journalists are supposed to do and done it well, with imagination and initiative. Keith Phucas, Jenny DeHuff and Stan Huskey have done us all a great public service in exposed the crass, business as usual, routine violations of the Sunshine Law. That Joe Hoeffel and Jim Matthews are so unaware of the harm they are doing to governmental credibility is, perhaps, the most upsetting inference one could make to explain this behavior. Frankly, I am surprised at Joe Hoeffel who is known to me as man of principle. His entanglement with Jim Matthews reminds us how power tends to corrupt and that politics is fraught with temptation and self-deception.
Seduced by power abandons principles of good government and transparency. The check register is not online allowing citizens to track all disbursements and the names of all county vendors. Competitive bidding of single source contracts, like bond counsel, financial services, engineering, legal work is flawed and skewed to benefit an insider network of incumbent vendors.

Two over easy By Albert Paschall Special Edition: December 12, 2010 sums up the reporting to date and will give you some insight on the "sandbox politics" in Montgomery County. Matthews and Hoeffel are wrong and Keith Phucas and Jenny DeHuff ( whom I know) are doing first rate journalism. The Sunshine Act is important and many of our elected are not on board with idea that "Full Disclosure; No Surprises" is not only good public policy but what we, the people, are entitled to. We outrank them.

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The Joe Hoeffel Breakfast Club

Cloudy in MontCo Commissioner Joe Hoeffel

Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel interviewed by Times Herald reporter Keith Phucas. Some dissembling, in fact, as I listen, it seems Commissioner Hoeffel is both embarrassed and defensive and directly contradicts what he told the reporter the day before: The interviewer, a man's voice, says to Joe Hoeffel "you told me yesterday that you weren't doing that [discussing county business]".

And Joe Hoeffel's statement also contradicts what intrepid Time Herald girl reporter Jenny DeHuff personally witnessed.

Ms. DeHuff was " the Jem [restaurant ]on Oct. 19 and again on Nov. 9, where she [ Jenny DeHuff ]spotted [two of three commissioners which constitutes a quorum] Matthews and Hoeffel having their Tuesday breakfast rendezvous with two other mover-shakers in the county, Solicitor Barry Miller [and Jim Matthews campaign treasurer] and Deputy Chief Operating Officer Jim Maza." Bracketed information added.

Full Times Herald news article by Jenny DeHuff Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Eyewitness: Matthews and Hoeffel talk county business on the sly

The Jim Matthews Breakfast Club

Cloudy in MontCo Commissioner Jim Matthews

The Times Herald interviews the dissembling Montgomery County Commissioner Jim Matthews about Breakfast Club meetings and violations of the Sunshine Act

Jim Matthews seems to admit to Inquirer columnist Karen Heller he violated. ("I'm ready to write the $100 check right now," Matthews said, referring to the top fine for violating the Sunshine Act."
This is not the first time that Commissioner Jim Matthews has skated near the ethical edge as reported by Times Herald's Keith Phucas December 24, 2010 CBIZ and Matthews - contributions and contracts
It is unfortunate that Commissioner Hoeffel who, in my opinion, is a honest, intelligent and genuinely decent person (despite policy differences at state and national levels ) has to be so closely associated with Commissioner Jim Matthews who is not so well regarded in the political community as Joe Hoeffel once was.

And The Forgotten Taxpayer cannot forget that Commissioner Matthews advocated a tax increase which Commissioners Castor and Hoeffel opposed as reported by Times Herald's Keith Phucas December 22, 2010

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