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Automatic Annual Pay Raise

Eliminating COLAs for Legislators

Rejecting COLA 2011 Increase

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Our mission is to build a network of funding sources and a community of activists who will advance an agenda that embraces a philosophy of Constitutional Limited Government, the Rule of Law, Economic Freedom, and the traditional values that sustain individual initiative, personal autonomy and responsibility.

Our network community is dedicated to replacing current elected liberal central planners who believe in command and control socialism by a few elite technocrats, the few ruling the many, with leaders who support the freedom of the individual, free markets engaged in free trade, and free market solutions to healthcare, retirement, energy and education.

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Dear Lowman,

With the critical mass of Republican State Representatives rejecting the COLA, I think Republican Leadership will have to run bill eliminating COLAs although there will be whining and complaining from rank and file.

You can view more posts on my blog.

Bob Guzzardi, independent of any candidate, campaign or organization. This message has not been approved by anyone but me.

Automatic Annual Pay Raise

Many State House Representatives, both Republicans and Democrats1, are rejecting the 1.7% COLA Pay Raise which goes into effect year after year, automatically based on the highest CPI Index in Pennsylvania. Social Security Recipients have gotten no COLA increase in last two years.

What is your State Representative's Position on the COLA Pay Raise?

Will your State Representative sponsor and vote for legislation abolishing year after year automatic COLA Pay Raises?

The Forgotten Taxpayer would like to know which of our State Representatives are grabbing the money.

1The list of State Representatives rejecting the COLA pay raises grows. Republican Tarah Toohil of HD 116 (Luzerne Hazleton) issues a press release below. Justin Simmons of Lehigh Valley (HD 131st) sent out a press release. Justin Simmons is 24 years old, exceptionally articulate and supported by a no squish network of Common Sense Fiscal and Constitutional Limited Government Conservatives. They join Republican Representative Dave Maloney ( HD 130 Berks).
Recently re-elected Republican Rep. Rose Marie Swanger (HD 102 Lebanon) donates her COLA pay increase to charity which seems reasonable to me. Democrat Eugene DePasquale ( HD 95 York) has proposed legislation to eliminate the COLA increase.

Representative DePasquale Proposes Eliminating COLAs for Legislators

A Democrat Has a Good Idea

Rep. DePasquale Proposes Eliminating COLA for legislators JOHN WALK - The York Dispatch Updated: 11/29/2010
How many businesses, small or big, in Pennsylvania get cost of living increases. Social Security recipients have not gotten a COLA increase. Even President Obama has held off on Federal employees wage increases. Oddly, Republicans Rep. Seth Grove and Rep Dan Moul oppose eliminating the COLA pay raise.

Under 1995 state law, passed with Republican Majority in House ( John Perzel Majority Leader) and Senate and a Republican Governor, General Assembly salaries are adjusted annually based on changes in the federal government's Consumer Price Index for the mid-Atlantic region which is the highest in the State of Pennsylvania. For rank-and-file lawmakers that means the 2011 salary is $79,623, compared to $78,315 this year.

Rep. Eugene DePasquale, 95th Penna House District --York City, said the state should get rid of the allowance because of "the struggling economy." "In 2009, the cost-of-living index was negative and legislators didn't lose money. That just doesn't make sense; the system is out of whack," he said.
York County Legislative Districts

130 House and Senate Elected Official Rejecting COLA Increase 2011

Representative Vulakovich puts his Legislative Expenses online setting an example I would hope other State
Representatives and Senators would follow. The 30th District includes the following Allegheny County communities:
Fox Chapel Borough and the townships of Hampton, O'Hara, Ross and Shaler.

"I wanted to set an example, because we are in bad times and have been for a while," said Vulakovich, a Republican. The former Shaler police officer effectively froze his legislative salary at the 2006 level, about $73,000.

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