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Glen Meakem

Glen Meakem Update

by Glen Meakem

Glen begins his radio program this weekend by talking about President Obama's recent trip to Asia, the world's reaction to Obama's monetary policy at the G-20 summit, the proposal put forth by the Chairmen of the Deficit Panel to cut federal spending, and some of the other related economic headlines. Brian Kapp -

Chief Financial Analyst of Kapp/Scanlon Financial Group - joins Glen with some thoughts on these headlines, and what they mean for our immediate economic future.

Tim Hayes of Tim Hayes Consulting also joins Glen with some insights on post election rhetoric. After the "shellacking" that liberals received two weeks ago from voters, President Obama was forced to use language that reflects more centrist political thinking while trying to describe why Democrats lost so many House seats.

Finally, Eileen Watt (President of the Associated Builders and Contractors of Western Pennsylvania), Matt Drozd (Allegheny County Councilman for District 1) and Flo Mascilli (a local business owner) join Glen in the studio to discuss the negative effects that Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) have on the Pennsylvania economy. PLAs limit competition by including stipulations that unfairly benefit unions. PLAs are bad for taxpayers, small businesses, and workers.

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