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Debt and Lost Decade


Bankrupting America

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Our mission is to build a network of funding sources and a community of activists who will advance an agenda that embraces a philosophy of Constitutional Limited Government, the Rule of Law, Economic Freedom, and the traditional values that sustain individual initiative, personal autonomy and responsibility.

Our network community is dedicated to replacing current elected liberal central planners who believe in command and control socialism by a few elite technocrats, the few ruling the many, with leaders who support the freedom of the individual, free markets engaged in free trade, and free market solutions to healthcare, retirement, energy and education.

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Dear Lowman,

The government's policies, including the Federal Reserve, have incurred debt and deficit as a percentage of GDP not seen since America fought World War II. The effect of these debt and deficit ratios is to debase the dollar, that is, reduce the buying power of the dollar to the detriment of American citizens, our productive workers, savers and investors, as well our job creating businesses which produce goods and provide services we want and need.

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Bob Guzzardi, independent of any candidate, campaign or organization. This message has not been approved by anyone but me.

Debt and the Lost Decade: The Mid-Twenty College Graduate is Screwed by Government Policy

Regardless of partisan affiliation or even ideology, it is evident that $20 trillion in debt in ten years and $1 trillion a year in debt service will strangle the productivity of America. The CBO scores tax increases on straight line, that is, past performance predicts future results, rather than dynamically, that is, higher taxes change incentives which, in turn, change behavior.
Rep. Paul Ryan will become chair of House Budget Committee if Republicans take the House Majority in November
Obama's 'Lost Decade'
Rep. Paul Ryan and the House Republican Budget Committee staff released a fiscal report on Friday warning that the Democrats under President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are about to produce a "lost decade of debt" in the U.S.
In keeping with that theme, Republicans spent the weekend hammering congressional Democrats and the White House on excessive deficits, which they now consider the number one issue to American voters. It's a bigger political liability for Democrats than even the horrid jobs numbers, they say.
The new report shows that the largest deficit years in American history will be 2009, followed by 2010, followed by 2011 -- i.e., Mr. Obama's first three budgets. The interest payments starting in 2018 will reach $1 trillion a year -- just to pay the carrying costs of the deficit. With reasonable assumptions, Mr. Ryan says the deficit will remain above 8% of GDP for the rest of the decade. It was 9.1% this year, and the previous post-World War II high was about 6% in President Reagan's first term.
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CUI BONO Federal Reserve = Corporatism

Government's Federal Reserve's Bank, Credit and Currency Cartel. Cui Bono?
The Democrats/Progressive State Collectivists redistribute wealth from The Forgotten Taxpayer and Small Businesses to Big Government Corporatists (Socialists) , in this case, the Federal Reserve's Bank, Credit and Currency Cartel. The Obama Administration builds its institutional financial empire with taxpayer money to support its incumbent power. If the Obama Administration can control the means of financing the means of production, it controls the means of production as effectively as if it had outright title ownership. The Obama Administration and its network has accomplished what the Soviet Union never could and has achieved the Marxist Utopia. Who could have seen this coming? Answer below.1
Banks will get the biggest benefit from an Obama administration housing program designed to help unemployed homeowners escape foreclosure. Housing experts expressed concern that banks, not homeowners, will be helped by the White House's $3 billion funding infusion -- $2 billion from the Treasury Department and another $1 billion from the Housing and Urban Development Department -- going to those states hit hardest by the housing market crash and unemployment.
Bankrupting America - New Video Quiz: The GWObama

Which President spent what? Or How did we get into this fiscal mess? or Why is there a Tea Party?
GWBush and Barack Obama-an odd couple.
The answers may surprise you and it may be appropriate to call this the GWObama Administration. It is imperative that we elect common sense fiscal conservatives committed to Constitutional Limited Government, Individual Economic Freedom, and Personal Responsibility based on Judeo-Christian Values. And that would be Pat Toomey for US Senate.

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