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Pension Crisis a Costly Matter

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Dear Lowman,

Underfunding the underfunded Pensions is not a solution to the Pension Problem.

You can view more posts on my blog.

Sam Rohrer on Kicking Can Down the Road

Sam Rohrer was one of six members of Pennsylvania House to vote against HB 2947. Rep. Rohrer, a true Constitutional Tea Party Conservative, who is a leader in cause of Constitutional Limited Government and commonsense fiscal policies like not letting expenditures exceed income.
The core defect is that this legislation kicks the can down the road by continuing to underfund and underfunded pension system that cost taxpayers an additional $27 billion in interest and deferring pension obligations, like deferring mortgage payments, does not result in any fiscal benefit. It postpones the inevitable and pushes to younger generation who are just starting out.
Rep. Rohrer points out some of the good points of this legislation which act as cover for Democrats, Republican "Leadership" - 6 who run the Republican Caucus and set the agenda for the Republican vote, and sell-out so called 'conservative Republicans' like Rep. Mike Turzai and DelCo's Rep. William F. Adolph. It has to be noted that both DelCo d DelCo Republican Representative Nick Micozzie are heavily financed and supported by government and building trades unions as is Republican Senator Dominic Pileggi. Unions, and government unions, in particular, drive pension issues which are bankrupting Pennsylvania and The Forgotten Taxpayer. Taxmakers are supporting taxtakers because government forces them to.
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Pension Crisis a Costly Matter for Property Owners

There is competition across the States to offer people low tax and good service alternatives
Pension Costs at Municipal Level Drive up Commercial and Residential Property Taxes
Payments by property owners, both residential and business, will be used to fund an underfunded and expensive defined benefit plan for government employees, in particular, teachers.
This is a transfer of wealth, money, savings, property, from productive taxpayer who earned, saved and invested it, to a nonproductive sector. Regardless of the justice or morality of this, the economic consequence depresses growth in productive, job creating businesses and reduces incentives for workers to work and savers to save and invest. These costs are driven by the government sector unions, aided and supported by building trade unions, and seem unstoppable. To mean, all of this means a decline in productive inventions and ideas and a decline in a standard of living for Pennsylvanians. My expectation is that the State will grow older and older because younger people looking for opportunity move to Texas and similar right to work states.
Local property owners face hefty tax increases to pay for underfunded state retirement benefits over the next several years.
Some ideas on solving the Pension Problem here.
Poll Shows Voters Support Pension Reform, I&R, and Spending Limits
The General Assembly has passed previous municipal pension reform (Philadelphia, in particular) which, also, kicked the can down the road by continuing to underfund underfunded pension plans.
A calculation as to how much Pension taxes will cost you by school district.

Pension Reform HB 2497

Steve Santarsiero and Curt Schroder. Both Republican Conservative Curt Schroder and Liberal Democrat Steve Santarsiero both voted for HB 2497. The bill has its positive aspects and it has some negative aspects as Rep. Curt Schroder points out and as Rep. Steve Santarsiero. Both recognize this bill's shortcomings.
In my opinion, this was a bad vote for a bad bill which only six House Members, all Republican, voted against. Tim Krieger Seth Grove Carl Metzgar Sam Rohrer Scott Perry and Stephen Barrar
Chester and DelCo Counties's Stephen Barrar (Republican 160th) makes a good vote for The Forgotten Taxpayer
On June 16, the PA House passed pension "non-reform" by further deferring the scheduled taxpayers' contributions to the state's largest government pension plans costing The Forgotten Taxpayer $27 BILLION more dollars- the Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS) and State Employees Retirement System (SERS). They also created a new reduced defined benefit plan for new hires. The net cost of this reform with interest is still a breathtaking $27 billion. Since the prior version of the bill was an incremental $52 billion - by some scorecards this bill should be considered only half as bad.
Therefore, in order to remove politics from retirement benefits, we must:
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