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Richard Trumpka Polishes his "Cadillac" Health Plan

Big Pharma Loves Obamacare

Big AMA Loves Obamacare

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Our mission is to build a network of funding sources and a community of activists who will advance an agenda that embraces a philosophy of Constitutional Limited Government, the Rule of Law, Economic Freedom, and the traditional values that sustain individual initiative, personal autonomy and responsibility.

Our network community is dedicated to replacing current elected liberal central planners who believe in command and control socialism by a few elite technocrats, the few ruling the many, with leaders who support the freedom of the individual, free markets engaged in free trade, and free market solutions to healthcare, retirement, energy and education.

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Dear Lowman,

Big Unions AFL-CIO , Big Business PHARMA - Big AMA actively and openly work with Big Government, the State. This is "Corporatism", a form of socialism or communism, and far from the unregulated, Free Market demonized in the main stream and, even, conservative media. The Free Market needs a "policeman", the State with limited powers, to prevent one citizen from using force against another or defrauding another citizen. Limiting the use of force in society and relying on social cooperation to coordinate human action, including economic action is the cornerstone of Constitutional Government.

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Richard Trumpka Polishes his "Cadillac" Health Plan

This is the face of EFCA, the misnamed Employees' Free Choice Act, known as "Card Check". AFL-CIO Union Organizer President Richard Trumpka, originally from Washington County, southwest Pennsylvania, coal mining country. The Unions, who are, as you know, for the "little guy" protected the "little guy's" Cadillac Health Plan. Note Cadillac is owned by Union Organizers and Obama Administration. The rest of us pay. I hope you all see where we are going. May I remind you that the Titanic did sink.
Unions Collect A Health Care Payoff from Investors' Daily 14 January 2010
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Big Pharma Loves Obamacare

Big Pharma Big Business Big Government getting rich and powerful at the expense of The Forgotten Taxpayer, the producer, worker, saver, investor.
Big Pharma Loves Harry Reid The Democratic Party's new subsidiary. WSJ 1 May 2010
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is down in the polls and fighting for re-election, so he's lucky to have a wealthy, new benefactor in his corner. The unions? The greens? Try the drug industry.
A new TV ad is up in Mr. Reid's home state praising the Democrat for creating "good Nevada jobs," expanding "clean energy" and providing "tax credits for small business." Moreover, "thanks to Harry Reid's leadership, if you change or lose your job, you can keep your health care coverage." The ad encourages viewers to call Mr. Reid's office, where no doubt they will be routed to his donation line. All this is courtesy of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, in league with the liberal health-advocacy group Families USA.
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Big AMA Loves Obamacare

Getting rich from government, Big Business is not friend of Limited Government and Free Markets.
Why The AMA Wants to Muzzle Your Doctor It is always ethical to tell patients the truth, which is what doctors are doing by educating them about ObamaCare. WSJ Editorial 7 May 2010
Not surprisingly, an increasing number of physicians have expressed alarm over the impact that the legislation will have on their patients. This growing opposition makes the actions of the AMA, which represents only 17% of the doctors in the U.S., look cynically opportunistic putting organizational interests before the patients' interests. AMA is getting rich from government and has a strong incentive to grown government at the expense of The Forgotten Taxpayer.
It is essential to understand the primary reason the AMA stands alongside President Obama on health-care reform. The organization wants to protect a monopoly that the federal government has created for it-a medical coding system administered by the AMA that every health-care professional and hospital must use if they wish to get paid for the services they provide. This monopoly generates income of $70 million to $100 million annually for the AMA. That makes the AMA less an association looking out for doctors and more a special-interest group beholden to Congress and the White House.
This isn't the first time the AMA has acted in its own selfish interests and not the interests of the medical profession. The last time it had a chance to take a public stand against government intrusion into health care was the HillaryCare fight. The AMA disappeared during this debate, leaving others to fight for doctors and patients.

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