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5 Bad Things that Will Happen

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Dear Lowman,

The two threats to America are Jobs and Jihad. The first is domestic and economic and is addressed elsewhere. The second is foreign and military. At this time, a nuclear Iran is the most serious threat. Iran is at center of the aggressive, expansionist, violent and implacable Jihad, aimed at replacing the Constitution with the Qu'ran.

You can view more posts on my blog.

5 Bad Things That Will Happen if Iran Gets Nuclear Weapons

Barry Rubin is a scholar who writes with journalistic clarity. His insights are well worth reading. Please consider signing up for Rubin Reports. In my opinion, the two issues in 2010 elections are 1) JOBS JOBS JOBS and 2) IRAN IRAN IRAN. I am afraid that the fanatical Jihadist Mullahs may act to violently expand their power if they get nuclear weapons as Barry Rubin describes in more detail.
Barry Rubin's Facebook Page
What Will Happen if Iran's Regime Gets Nuclear Weapons?
Despite all the talk about Iran getting nuclear weapons, there is a huge misunderstanding about what this would mean.
The only scenario discussed is whether or not Iran's regime would use such weapons to attack Israel. The chance of that happening is relatively small statistically, but that outcome would be so horrifying it looms far larger.
There are real reasons to think that a nuclear Iran would not accept Israel's existence and will try to wipe Israel off the map, killing millions of people and triggering a war far worse than the Middle East--or the world--has ever seen.
Still, if that is the "only" problem that would result, the key argument is whether or not it would happen. And if that is the "only" problem, it is going to be primarily a matter of concern for Israel and those who might care about its fate.
BUT there are a number of other scenarios far more likely to occur if Iran's regime gets nuclear weapons and these have a dramatic effect on the interests of every Western and every Arabic-speaking country and more besides.

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American Hating Fanatics with Nuclear Weapons Are Not Good for US

Mohammed Elbaradei

Iran has defied the world and announced ten new nuclear energy plants and IAEA Chief Says Iran Talks at 'Dead End' "As ElBaradei Ends 12-Year Stint at Helm of the U.N. Nuclear Watchdog, Board Considers Resolution Rebuking Tehran" What a surprise! The Mullahs lied.
Barry Rubin explicates why a nuclear Iran is a threat to the US. An Iran with nuclear weapons will radicalize those who will go with the "Strong Horse". The "Coup" in Iran and What it Means

Nuclear Weapons in Possession of Fanatical Anti-Americans is Not Good for America

The centrifuges are spinning as I type this and as you read it. Caroline Glick lays out the Israeli scenario.

This photo released by the semi-official Iranian Students News Agency claims to show the launch of the Sajjil-2 missile by Iranian armed forces. Wall Street Journal 17 December 2009 Iran Tests Fires New Missile that can reach Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan...the entire Middle East as it moves toward regional hegemony. Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria; Iranian funded agents Nuclear weapons and means to deliver them, whether missiles or suicide bombers, is not to Americans' Interest.

Brett Stephens: The Tehran-Caracas Nuclear Axis Ahmadinejad and Chávez: new evidence of a radioactive relationship.

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