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Specter's Postal Model

Specter's Rubber Stamp Video

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Our mission is to build a network of funding sources and a community of activists who will advance an agenda that embraces a philosophy of Constitutional Limited Government, the Rule of Law, Economic Freedom, and the traditional values that sustain individual initiative, personal autonomy and responsibility.

Our network community is dedicated to replacing current elected liberal central planners who believe in command and control socialism by a few elite technocrats, the few ruling the many, with leaders who support the freedom of the individual, free markets engaged in free trade, and free market solutions to healthcare, retirement, energy and education.

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Dear Lowman,

The question about Specter is not what is his stated position at any point in time but "Can Arlen Specter Be Trusted?"

On the other hand, committed Leftist, Big Government, Big Debt, Big Deficit, Big Entitlements, Statist Joe Sestak can be trusted. The country is on course toward the financial iceberg like the passengers on the Titanic oblivious of the danger. The danger was there whether the passengers knew or not. Some, like Pat Toomey, want to change course. The danger was real. The Titanic did sink and so will we unless we change our financial course.

You can view more posts on my blog.

Pat Toomey Debates Joe Sestak

This is terrific and succinct explication of the different approaches on JOBS JOBS JOBS from Senate 2010 candidates Joe Sestak and Pat Toomey. Rep. Sestak makes the case that small businesses lead in growing jobs, which is obvious from the statistics and recent history of recessions. 80% of new jobs created in last recession. Rep. Sestak asks for more Small Business loans and guarantees. The best subsidy is no subsidy but across the board cuts in marginal tax rates so that businesses can compete on level playing field, with less burdensome regulation, and generate profits to pay people and to pay savers-investors. Surprisingly, Rep. Sestak recognizes the benefits of tax cuts for job growth. Rep. Sestak's reference to drop in State Budgets. And I am happy to see that Rep. Sestak debate Pat Toomey. Arlen Specter won't debate either Rep. Sestak or Pat Toomey.
Spending sets the stage for tax increases.

Arlen Specter: The Postal Model is Not The Republican Model

Arlen Specter, in his own words, is voting for, and working with Sen. Harry Reid, to have the government takeover health care in America.
If you think that government takeover of the health care will be as beneficial as government takeover of Citigroup, AIG, General Motors, GMAC, Chrysler and others, then you are a Specter Republican, another word for Big Government, Big Spending, Statist, Communist Democrat. Government control of means of production and government control of the means of financing production are, by definition, communist. If it isn't, what is it? Not Constitutional Limited Government and economic freedom, is it? Not Free Market, is it? Specter Republicans need to follow their leader to the Democratic Party where they will find like minded people who support these ideas. The Republican Party does not support this policy nor the ideas that justifies it. The Postal Model is not the Republican Model.
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Arlen Specter's Rubber Stamp Video

The Evolution of a Rubber Stamp (AKA Arlen Specter)
If elected, Pat Toomey will be the 41st Senator, a consistent common sense conservative centered on Constitutional Limited Government and Economic Freedom, Individual Autonomy and Accountability,

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