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PMA Raided by FBI

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FBI Raids Murtha Beneficiary

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Our mission is to build a network of funding sources and a community of activists who will advance an agenda that embraces a philosophy of Constitutional Limited Government, the Rule of Law, Economic Freedom, and the traditional values that sustain individual initiative, personal autonomy and responsibility.

Our network community is dedicated to replacing current elected liberal central planners who believe in command and control socialism by a few elite technocrats, the few ruling the many, with leaders who support the freedom of the individual, free markets engaged in free trade, and free market solutions to healthcare, retirement, energy and education.

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Dear Lowman,

John Murtha is Exhibit A of all that is wrong with Earmarks and, in particular, the Appropriators power to designate Earmarks .Earmarks are used as incentives by Appropriators and both Republican and Democratic Caucus Leaders to give incentives to junior legislators to vote for particular legislation for reasons other than the merits of the legislation. Crudely put, Leadership buys rank and file votes with Earmarks. This is the primary corrupting effect.

Not far behind is that Earmarks build support for a legislator among the beneficiaries, valuable support based on narrow self-interest, sometimes called "rent seeking" rather than common interest. Sometimes support is overt as in campaign contributions but more frequently, Earmarks insidiously mute public criticism from beneficiaries.

Earmarks, also, inefficiently, allocate scare resources by subordinating business and economic decisions to political power which to the detriment of both productive businesses and good government. Earmarks, clearly, enhance the power of the incumbent whatever other reasons there might be for them.

You can view more posts on my blog.

Lobbying Firm, PMA, Raided by FBI

ABC News has been reporting on Murtha Earmark investigation as has the Washington Post. When MSM is reporting on an issue repetitively, there is likely an effect among voters. The question is: Are those voters in the 12th getting this information and will this information move their votes?

This February 9, 2009 story breaks news of raid on John Murtha's "go to" lobbyist that occurred five months before. This is major political event and even news media did not know."The FBI searched the Virginia headquarters of the PMA Group in November, according to the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. PMA was founded by former congressional aide Paul Magliochetti and specializes in winning earmarked taxpayer funds for its clients."

Is the FBI Getting Closer to Murtha?

Another person, Mark O'Hair, connected to a Murtha Earmark Contractor, pleads guilty reports Zachary Roth of Talking Points Memo.

FBI Raids Murtha Beneficiary

The FBI raids another Murtha Earmark recipient in Windber in the 12th Congress. This article details the close relationship between Ron and Bill Kuchera and various defense related businesses and Representative John Murtha.

"In 2008, for example, Murtha earmarked $8.2 million for Kuchera enterprises. The relationship between the Kucheras and Murtha goes deeper still. Bill Kuchera served on the board of the Pennsylvania Association for Individuals With Disabilities, another beneficiary of Murtha-directed federal funds and an organization founded by 27-year veteran Murtha aide Carmen Scialabba. Kuchera's lobbying on Capitol Hill is done by Ervin Technical Associates (ETA)-a firm whose president and board chairman are both reportedly close to Murtha, with firm president Jim Ervin having once served as a Pentagon liaison to the House of Representatives."

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