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Our network community is dedicated to replacing current elected liberal central planners who believe in command and control socialism by a few elite technocrats, the few ruling the many, with leaders who support the freedom of the individual, free markets engaged in free trade, and free market solutions to healthcare, retirement, energy and education.

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Dear Lowman,

The Pennsylvania May 19th Primary

The Republican Primary Candiddates for Supreme Court

I cannot support Philadelphia Administrative Judge Paul Panepinto because of his ties to the Texas Trial Lawyers and here, the Republican Earmarking Establishment of Harrisburg Insiders - an unprincipled network of no bid contracts

In my opinion, the election of Jane Orie-Melvin to Pennsylvania Supreme Court threatens the separation of powers and the political independence of the judiciary.

Cheryl Allen has a compelling personal charisma and is independent of leadership of both parties.

You can view more posts on my blog.

Why Do We Have A Constitution?

"Historically the reason for having a Constitution has been to limit the power of government. Without a constitution the power of government is unlimited."
Dr. Thomas Patrick Burke Wynnewood Institute

Why do we have a Constitution? What is the purpose of constitutional government? Many people seem to believe that its purpose is merely to ensure that the business of the country is taken care of in an orderly way. On this view, what the Constitution produces is order.

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Judge Cheryl Allen - Independent of Leadership

Judge Cheryl Allen has a compelling personal biography and she has advanced independent of Establishment Leadership. We need a Judge on the Supreme Court committed to the Constitution as written and committed to upholding the meaning and intent of the Constitution. It is the Constitution which limits the corrupting power of unlimited government.

Cheryl Allen is independent of Establishments of both parties.

Jane Orie-Melvin: Not Independent of Leadership

In my opinion, the election of Jane Orie-Melvin to Pennsylvania Supreme Court threatens the separation of powers and the political independence of the judiciary.

Candidate Judge Jane Orie-Melvin proudly proclaims her ties to the Republican Senate Establishment . Her sister, Senator Joan Clare Orie is long time member of Senate Republican Establishment and Senate Republican Whip, and Senate President Pro-Tem Scarnati has promised his support, meaning fund raising support. This means that if it comes to upholding the Constitution or upholding the acts of her sister and her main financial backer, I think the Constitution will fall and we have seen that with Slots and Pay Raise decisions.

Judge Jane Orie-Melvin's endorsement by Pennsylvania State Education Association, the key obstacle to School Choice in Pennsylvania, raises huge questions as to her commitment to the Free Market principles in the Constitution. And it may well be that Constitutional issues on School Choice reach the Supreme Court, such as, legislation to Stop Teacher Strikes.

Judge Orie-Melvin's election would, in my opinion, also imperil the impartiality of the Redistricting Process scheduled for 2010

Paul Panepinto and Texas Trial Lawyer Money

Paul Panepinto is one of three Republican candidates for Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. The Primary is May 19th. My concern is that Paul Panepinto, with union support, wins in three way race where two other candidates are from the southwest
F. Kenneth Bailey, Texas Trial Lawyer, contributes big bucks to both Democratic Governor Ed Rendell and Republican Supreme Court candidateJudge Paul Panepinto of Philadelphia.

The Wall Street Journal has commented on this twice The State Lawsuit Racket A case study in the politician-trial lawyer partnership and The Pay-to-Sue Business Write a check, get a no-bid contract to litigate for the state.

The Conservative Reform Network has blogged on Judge Panepinto's 2007 campaign contributions from Texas Trial Lawyers, totaling $137,500 from Texas Trial Lawyers, including $50,000 from F. Kenneth Bailey against whom Judge Panepinto decided.Bailey sued Wyeth, a PA pharmaceutical company, and a $200 million dollar verdict in favor of Bailey's client was overturned by Judge Panepinto and subsequently Bailey's law firm contributed $50,000 to Judge Panepinto's Supreme Court campaign. Here and here

Southeast Texas Record identifies F. Kenneth Bailey of Houston and gives some depth to these stories.

Other judges have overturned jury verdicts against Wyeth and not received any money from plaintiff's counsel and nor have they campaigned for Supreme Court.

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