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Taking Aim at Sunoco

Ticking Tax Increase

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Dear Lowman,

I have written frequently on the Governor's counterproductive spending sucking money out of real economy into government budget to be spent by politicians rather than businesses, the Pension Bomb which he has not addressed, Ballard Spahr legal fees, Delaware River Port Authority of which he is chair, (and the Board itself tells you a lot), and on it goes. It seems clear that Governor Rendell and the General Assembly have left us with a real mess that compounds the mess at the Federal level. Time for a Change: it's time to try Constitutional Limited Government, Rule of Law, Free Markets and Personal Responsibility.

You can view more posts on my blog.

Rendell Takes Aim at Sunoco

Rendell-Steelworkers demagogue a private business.

Perfect and the Government increases its budget this year. Profits pay people. Business don't get a wage for their productivity, they get profits which pay employees and which produce goods and services. No profits; no payroll; no production. The Governor is a anti-free market demagogue and it is disgraceful.

"Mr. Rendell called the layoffs un-American, saying that everybody needs to sacrifice in times of economic distress, even to the point of taking a smaller bottom line."

He is reading from the Steelworkers' Talking points. One might consider that Steelworkers are overpaid for what they produce and drive up prices for the private residential consumers and for producer-consumers who need Sunoco's products to run their own business. The coercive collective bargaining process keeps workers out of job market, Fewer jobs for workers and higher prices for consumers are the effect of Rendell-Steelworkers policies. How is this in the public interest.
The imposition and maintenance of collective bargaining necessarily depends on compulsion and coercion, i.e., on the use of physical force against both employers and unemployed workers.

"Gov. Ed Rendell, D, opened fire on Sunoco Thursday, when he announced a letter he sent to the company's board of directors complaining of a plan to cut 750 salaried employees to make the company more efficient..

The president of United Steelworkers Local 10-1, Jim Savage, called it "unconscionable," given the company's profitability "that they are going to throw 750 families out into this economy,"

Mr. Rendell then said he agreed."

"Sunoco said it will cut the workers to stay competitive in a challenging petroleum and chemical market. The company wants to reduce $300 million in costs, and the 750 jobs represent 20 percent of the salaried workforce, but only about 5.5 percent of the company's total workforce."

Pensions: Ticking Tax Increase

Pension Bomb ticking Tax Increase 2012 inevitable. The mess Rendell is leaving us.

Bucks County Courier's Gary Weckselblatt has done an outstanding job in summarizing a very serious issue the impending explosion in Pennsylvania's Pension Costs.

Bucks County Courier references on Pensions citing Free Market, Constitutional Limited Government Commonwealth Foundation's 2006 Report by Richard Dreyfuss 2006 report referenced here. And here is the list of all Commonwealth Foundation policy statements on Pennsylvania State Pensions. Executive Summary by Richard Dreyfuss and February 2006 report.

Leftwing Union Keystone Research and the public sector PSERs say what they say and you can judge. They do not seem to have remembered The Forgotten Taxpayer and the Hammered Homeowner on Fixed income who pays for these pensions which are workers, some union and some not.

The disparity of income (Jeff Clay, PSERS' executive director, calls it "class warfare.")is a recurrent theme although I am not sure the point. It is also an Alinsky Tactic to focus grievance, resentment and envy to mobilize. There is a Bell Curve in income as there is in intelligence. So many factors go into disparity but the test is not Disparity of Income, the test is Standard of Living and access to productive and paying employment.

PA's Off Budget Borrowing

Governor Rendell tells the Truth but not the Whole Truth about Pennsylvania State Debt With Federal Deficits and Debt skyrocketing, how much State Debt can The Forgotten Taxpayer of Pennsylvania afford?

Excellent chart on the Commonwealth Foundation link.

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