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Dear Lowman,

Bonusgate defense for both Republicans and Democrats, House and Senate, has cost the Pennsylvania The Forgotten Taxpayer more than Six Million Dollars and recent emails made public implicate Democratic House Majority Whip Bill DeWeese directly despite his long standing "Sgt. Schultz I know nothing" defense and now Rep. Jennifer Mann is connected to Bonusgate.

Piling this on top of Sen. Fumo and Ruth Arnao convictions in Federal Court and Turnpike Chair Mitchell Rubin's resignation one might think there would be a change in Harrisburg Dynamic but, apparently, not yet. The Forgotten Taxpayer watches as this soap opera plays out. The real story is The Budget, Pensions and Taxes.

You can view more posts on my blog.

DeWeese Hires Editor

CasablancaPA reports that unindicted House Majority Whip Bill DeWeese has hired former Union Herald-Standard Editor Paul Sunyak for position on his staff at $67,000 a year with full benefits.

John Micek broke this story at Capitol Ideas

Could it be that the unindicted House Majority Whip was impressed with Paul Sunyak's change of mind re-election endorsement for Bill DeWeese last year? Ugarte at Casablancapa has, perhaps, outdone himself. Worth a few minutes to laugh and then to cry that this is Pennsylvania's Elected who are spending BILLIONS and BILLIONS and making our laws, laws enforced with government power, government guns.

Here is Paul Sunyak's self-serving good-bye report

Delta Development

Attorney General Tom Corbett and uber hack Delaware County Republican State Representative Mario Civera attack Delta Development. Casablanca says that Delta is respected lobbyist firm and I have no evidence to the contrary although I am always suspicious of those who financially gain from political class. Nevertheless, Union Supported candidate for DelCo County Council Mario Civera is shocked, shocked that lobbying is going on in Harrisburg.

I have blogged on Delta Development on this blog and the interconnections are very disturbing. Is this a smear? Or is there something to it?

Some interesting information on Ridge Republican McCullough Consulting Group and Stevens Lee, and Citizens for a Better Commonwealth. Casablancapa is a goldmine of good information and analysis presented with sardonic style.

Dems Mediating Dems

Judge Lawrence R. Clark, Jr. appointed a mediator, retired judge G. Thomas Miller, paid for by The Forgotten Taxpayer, to mediate a dispute between House Democratic Leaders over House Democratic Files. All paid for by The Forgotten Taxpayer and why do we have to pay for an internal, political dispute among partisan Democrats. Why do we have to pay for this dispute. We get nothing for our money.

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