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Conservative Reform Network Press Release

Conservative Reform Network Announces
Conservative Reformer
April 2009: Senate 2010

The Conservative Reformer April 2009 Issue is available here electronically:

I hope you will ask friends to sign up for this weekly electronic newsletter.

The Conservative Reform blog appears daily and an electronic newspaper appears monthly.

Feedback is invited; sympathetic and supportive critical analysis is helpful. And disagreement is like the irritating grain of sand from which an oyster creates something valuable and beautiful.

Bob Guzzardi

About Conservative Reform Network

To build a network of funders and activists to advance an agenda of Economic Freedom, free markets for free people

To replace elected, liberal central planners with someone who supports Economic Freedom, Constitutional Limited Government, Rule of Law, Free Markets, not command and control Socialism by few, elite technocrats, and Free Trade, free market solutions to health care, retirement, energy independence, education, Individual Liberty, Personal Freedom and Personal Autonomy, self government.

Conservative Reform Network | 899 Penn Street | 2nd Floor | Bryn Mawr | PA | 19010

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