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Dear Lowman,

The 2010 Republican Senate Primary is a drama playing out.

Act 1:

Peg Luksik of Johnstown has formally declared herself as a candidate and is a credible and formidable conservative candidate challenging both five term incumbent Senator Specter and Pat Toomey, former Congressman from Allentown, and President of the Club for Growth. Peg Luksik's involvement creates a conflict for the conservative grassroots.

Pat Toomey has strongly indicated, but not formally announced, that he may be a candidate for Senate.
Here and here. Also check out Ron Shegda's email and more drama, the website crashes

Senator Specter's recent polling numbers show him to be highly vulnerable in a Republican Primary.

Sen. Specter's recent vote for the Stimulus package was infuriating enough but the big issue is Card Check and Michael Barone here.

You can view more posts on my blog.

Challenge Gleason Steele Card

When an uber-hack like Rob Gleason speaks, he is speaking with the voice of Establishment Insider Network, says that support is in question. Like Sherlock Holmes Silver Blaze story, the clue is in what uber-hack Rob Gleason did not say: he did not say there was unequivocal and unambivalent, deep and wide support for the multi-term senior Senator, author or 10s of Millions of Earmarks and Pork. And elder statesman Arlen Specter that we would expect from Republican Establishment Insider Network for long term incumbent Senator Arlen Specter who voted, along with liberals Senators Snowe and Collins, for Stimulus, then a challenge to Senator Specter in 2010 Republican Primary becomes very viable.

And it is Card Check that, in addition to the stimulus, is driving the loss of support for Arlen Specter in my opinion. The State GOP passed a resolution opposing Card Check. Senator Specter has not, because of his wide and deep union, support spoken against card check. New RNC Chair Michael Steele said that he would defer to State parties which means next year's State GOP convention will be important and some actual controversy.

Gleason's comments came a day after Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said that he's open to the possibility that the RNC won't help Specter and other GOP supporters of the stimulus bill in their reelection bids.

Card Check and 10 Things you Need to know about Employee Free Choice Act

Kara Kelly, President/CEO Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

This is an excellent summary. This is a key vote for Senator Specter and for Pennsylvania. As Ms. Kelley points out, this will have disproportionate impact on small business and we cannot county on Philadelphia's (Comcast's and Governor Rendell's very close ally David Cohen is president) or Pennsylvania's Big Business dominated Chambers of Commerce to be particularly helpful.

Ten things you need to know about the Employee Free Choice Act The Employee Free Choice Act, or "Card Check," is likely to be considered by Congress in the coming weeks. This bill will drastically change the laws governing how your employees unionize, and the rules governing your business. Think the Employee Free Choice Act doesn't affect your business? Think again.

Click on this link for the 10 things you need to know about this legislation.

Polls Says Republicans Want A Change

A new statewide poll shows 53 percent of Pennsylvanians -- and 66 percent of Republicans -- want someone to replace Senator Arlen Specter.

Card Check would be the key vote that would alleviate pressure from the business community. It would not change the Conservative Reform opposition. Senator Specter is voting like a Democrat because Democrats are winning, not because of any idea or principle. Reagan Ideas win elections; the Republicans might consider trying the Reagan Strategy, worked for two term President Reagan, who took 49 or 50 state, including Pennsylvania in 1984.

Susquehanna Polling is Harrisburg Republican pollsters and not an outfit looking to taunt a 29 year incumbent. This may be driven by business community which is terrified of Card Check. I am not sure. This poll and its release is no accident.

Note that Democrats favored Specter more than Republic ans which tells you which party he would be more comfortable with. He has deep and wide support among Philadelphia union leadership.

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