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John Murtha's Earmarks Itemized

Expose on Defense Earmarks

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Dear Lowman,

The Seattle Times' David Heath has done a remarkable and exemplary job in assembling a data base of 2008 Defense Earmarks, Government Defense Contracts, Campaign Contributions and Lobbying Fees. I have focused on Pennsylvania's John Murtha who has had past brushes with the FBI, notably, in the ABSCAM investigation. The video is worth watching. Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina is prominently featured and Representative John Murtha's Defense Earmarks discussed.

You can view more posts on my blog.

John Murtha's Defense Earmarks Itemized

Pennsylvania 12th House District, John Murtha: $126,000 for John Murtha alone. Contributions from those receiving Defense Earmarks $1,641, 350. I am not inferring there is any quid pro quo. Obviously, if Representative Murtha is astute enough to recognize the value of the contribution the earmarked recipients, it is only reasonable that they contribute to such an astute and knowledgeable legislator. Makes sense to me. Be careful not to be too cynically suspicious of those who govern our country.

Representative Murtha was re-elected with 62% of the votes in his gerrymandered district by "Redneck Racists" as he called his constituents. And President Obama, he said of the same voters, the residents of southeast Pennsylvania, "[they] cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them" out of bitterness over lost jobs."

From PBS Seattle Times: Expose on 2008 Defense Department Earmarks.

Database of 2008 Defense Earmarks by US House District and Senate

Here is a list of 2008 Defense Earmarks, by US House member and by Senator, and the campaign contributions received by Earmarker from recipients of Earmarks. Hours of fun. This is DYNAMITE database. From Public Broadcasting Seattle Times. Former Senator Obama bucked his party on this. Motion to Table and the paragraph 6 subparagraph 85 - an amendment to the amendment for the SENATE, gutting earmark reform in the Senate. Actually, it appears that Speaker Pelosi appears to be solid on this. 155 Hidden Earmarks $3.5 billion 40% of the Defense Budget. The non hidden Earmarks are pretty bad.

Latrobe Steel Hidden Earmark from Representative Murtha is specifically discussed in the video.

PBS Seattle Times Video Expose on Defense Earmarks

Outstanding investigative report from Seattle Times. Surprises 155 earmarks with $3.5 billion in 2008 Defense Bill, the first passed under the Democrat majority in both the House and Senate.

Here is a detailed explanation about "tabling motion" and paragraph 6, subparagraph 85 amendment, the amendment to the amendment. Fascinating. Real world civics. Senator DeMint and Former Senator Obama named.

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