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$2.6M for Bradford County
Marcellus Shale Drilling
Regulator DEP

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Please enjoy this issue, which focuses on Prosperity in a Pipeline. Marcellus Shale Natural Gas drilling is an exciting source of energy for everyone and revenue for rural Pennsylvanians as well as increased tax revenue. The use of water in the drilling process is a legitimate environmental issue. The question is whether an ideological antipathy toward business profits, profits which pay people, workers, investors, farm owners, and even the government, will override reasonable allocation of water supply.

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$2.6 Million for Bradford County

The $2,550 per acre payment seems typical and many rural farmers and property owners are becoming overnight millionaires and, as you can read
it is helping defray declining tax revenues to counties.

TOWANDA, Bradford County - The county has received a $2.4 million lease payment from EOG Resources Inc., which has leased the gas rights to the land owned by the county, said Bradford County Commissioner Doug McLinko.
"Under a lease approved Nov. 13 by the commissioners, EOG Resources of Canonsburg must pay the county $2,550 per acre, which amounts to $2.4 million, to lease the gas rights to the 939 acres of land owned by the county. That $2.4 million payment has been received by the county, McLinko said on Thursday."

Marcellus Shale Drilling: Good and Bad News
Atlas Energy Announces Sharply Higher Results with New Technique in its MarcellusShale Drilling Program
Monday November 24, 2008
PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Atlas Energy Resources, LLC (NYSE:ATN - News) ("Atlas Energy" or "the Company") - "Over the past several weeks, Atlas Energy has successfully pioneered the use of a two-stage frac design for five of its vertical wells as part of its Marcellus Shale drilling program in southwestern Pennsylvania. The incremental cost of the two stage design over a single stage design is approximately $125,00

Gas bubble: Slumping economy drains excitement over Marcellus Shale
The Tribune-Democrat November 22, 2008
"The bubble has burst - at least temporarily - for those hoping to prosper from gas wells expected to be drilled in the Marcellus Shale formation deep underground.

A struggling national economy is dampening drillers' zeal and in some cases their ability to pay for leases. In turn, most drillers have pulled their agents out of Cambria and Somerset counties, some even out of Pennsylvania entirely."

Range Resources Expands Marcellus Shale Production Press Release
November 20, 2008

And more articles from Yahoo News Service

The Regulator DEP

Is the Department of Environmental Protection, legitimately, regulating the discharge of water into the Mongahela or is it promoting an ideological agenda to reduce natural gas exploration as an energy source in favor of "green" technologies.

The gas well drilling industry and a Greene County sewer authority are asking
the state to lift limits on discharges of gas well waste water into the river even though the Monongahela River continues to carry unusually high levels of dissolved solids.

"The state Department of Environmental Protection has blamed discharges of waste water from the booming gas well drilling industry, along with abandoned mine drainage and low river flow, for the high levels of total dissolved solids, or TDS. The high levels have resulted in reports of bad-tasting drinking water, malfunctioning dishwashers and spotted glassware in Greene, Washington and southern Allegheny county" "We're not happy about this," said George Scott, manager of the Franklin authority, which has also appealed the order. "The DEP is saying our discharges don't meet the standards but we never had to test for total dissolved solids before.

Carl Carlson, president of the Independent Oil & Gas Association of Pennsylvania, said the state is overestimating the impact of the waste water from Marcellus shale gas drilling operations."

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