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Cumberland County Cuts

Fuse is Lit

$100M Lost Opportunity

Leviathan on a Diet

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Cumberland County Cuts


Officials, including Commissioner Gary Eichelberger whom The Conservative Reform Network supported, has cut post in bid to save cash for the productive taxpayers who pay for cost of government. Administrator's job pays $72,832 a year

"Calling it a 'useful example' for other county agencies, the Cumberland County commissioners announced Thursday they will eliminate the job of county administrator Rich Moore, one of the top posts in their office. Moore's salary is $72,832 a year. The commissioners said they were also considering several other cost-cutting measures as they prepare what they expect will be a difficult 2009 county budget.'

The Fuse is Lit

These latest results mean that for the first one-third of fiscal 2008-09, state revenues have come in more than half a billion dollars ($565 million, to be exact) below expectations. Receipts from sales taxes, personal income taxes, corporate taxes and investment income were all below estimates.

Revenues began to decline in August 2008, about a month after the budget was passed on July 2008. Even then it was predicted that there would be revenue shortfall and, irresponsibly, the General Assembly and the Governor enacted this faux budget kicking the can down the road. Most likely, there will be drama next year about the need for a huge tax increase pulling yet more money from the productive sector to the government sector. Higher Taxes; less money available for savings and investment in businesses that produce goods and provide services.

$100M Opportunity Lost?

Tom Barnes in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in reporting State Revenue shortfall, adds this statement.

On one hand, "State officials also are hoping to get almost $200 million from the sale of leases for drilling for natural gas in areas of the state that are part of the Marcellus shale." and Pennsylvania's Oil and Gas Industry Generates $7.1 Billion in Statewide Economic Impact Annually, New Report Finds.

Leviathan on a Diet

In light of the one or two or even three billion dollar revenue shortfall in fiscal 2008-2009 ( which ends June 30,2009, about eight (8) months from now, The Commonwealth Foundation has some very specific recommendations to reduce State spending.

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