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Social "Justice" of Dinniman

Double Standard Flushes


Nader DeWeese Collide

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To replace elected, liberal central planners with someone who supports Economic Freedom, Constitutional Limited Government, Rule of Law, Free Markets, not command and control Socialism by few, elite technocrats, and Free Trade, free market solutions to health care, retirement, energy independence, education, Individual Liberty, Personal Freedom and Personal Autonomy, self government.
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The Social "Justice" Of Andy Dinniman

Beyond the Blackboard: Andrew Dinniman

It is important to note, like the dog that didn't bark from Sherlock Holmes' Silver Blaze, what Senator Dinniman did not say. He did not tell us how his plans to transfer wealth from the productive taxpayer, the taxpayer, individual or business, that makes things, produces goods and provides services, create jobs, and create the revenues to support and sustain necessary government services. It is not clear how taking money from productive people to unproductive people creates a higher standard of living. And it demonstrates a cynical lack of confidence in his neighbors and those who elect him. Are these people not willing, charitably, voluntarily. Compulsory Compassion?

Every mandate, law, regulation of the state, and tax, is backed by force, guns, and the monopoly police power of the state. It is not clear how this use of force creates a better world. Utopian visions executed by force have an ugly history. Only the government, or a thief, can take your money without your permission.

"He also uses his role as a Chester County Commissioner to spark change, address poverty issues, help the needy and protect farm land from developers.

County commissioners act as a legislative and executive branch combined. 'If you are a Democrat in Chester County, you have to learn to speak the language of Chester County," he said. He praised Howard Dean, the Vermont governor."

But we like our socialism, the perception of something for nothing, of money without working.

Double Standard Flushes Joe the Plumber and Jack Murtha

How would 34 year incumbent, Barack Obama supporter, John Murtha answer Joe the Plumber's question about redistributing the wealth from workers and savers to those who don't work or save? John Murtha and Barack Obama's Electoral Strategy: "If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can be assured of the support of Paul."

I don't know why are these self-important, self-absorbed narcissistic, Olympian Fancy Pants, pseudo-elitist snobs are making fun of Joe. He is an American Voter and asked a question, a very, very good question for the Socialist candidate, who admits, openly, that he plans to redistribute the wealth and he is getting flushed by Main Stream Media: For daring to ask a question of an American candidate for public office, a citizen is hammered and mocked and ridiculed. Hammer away, Liberals who condescend with a contemptuous disdain, almost palpable, toward anyone who does not agree with them.

American Thinker: Joe and the Devil

Letterman, Leno, Colbert, Stewart all mock average citizen Joe for asking a salient question of their favored candidate. Can there be doubt that MSM is in the tank for Obama?



Let's be clear, here, for the stakes are very high. Barack Obama let slip a stunning admission: His heretofore opaque tax plan is in fact an income-redistribution program - or, as he put it, a vehicle to "spread the wealth around." And for Obama's mistake, Wurzelbacher must be made to pay - with Joe Biden leading the charge.


100s of Economists Support McCain/Palin

It is evident to Joe the Plumber and to 100s of professional economists that there is a solid case to be made that Barack Obama's Big Government Socialist plans to have the government control the economy (our elected officials have done so well so far?) are a real threat to economic growth-more goods and more services for more people. Walmart's everyday low prices do more to reduce poverty and raise the standard of living than all these Utopian proposals. The economy is too complicated to be planned and the counterintuitive insight that less planning leads to spontaneous organization and order which results in real economic growth; the wisdom of the crowds, the article of faith that underlies self-government of the people, by the people and for the people.

100 Economists Warn "[Barack Obama's] proposals run a high risk of throwing the economy into a deep recession. It was exactly such misguided tax hikes and protectionism, enacted when the U.S. economy was weak in the early 1930s, that greatly increased the severity of the Great Depression."

Even more economists for McCain 535 Economists for McCain

TaxProf BlogA Member of the Law Professor Blogs Network has more details and links as does Greg Mankiw who did not sign this letter "I am not particularly fond of Obama's proposed tax hikes or his apparent retreat from free trade. (See this article of mine.) But I thought the statement in the group letter that "his proposals run a high risk of throwing the economy into a deep recession" was a tad too hyperbolic for my tastes." Barack Obama opposes Free Trade and this is of great concern to majority of economists.

Investors' Real Fear: A Socialist Tsunami
"The businesses that create jobs and generate wealth are already discounting the future based on what they know about Obama's plans to raise income, capital gains, dividend and payroll taxes, and his various other economy-crippling policies. Which helps explain why world stock markets have been so topsy-turvy.

Ralph Nader and Bill DeWeese Collide

DeWeese: Complicity or ignorance?

Pennsylvania Democratic House Leader Bill DeWeese may not have known about the Bonusgate $1.64 million taxpayer bonuses to Democratic House members for 2004 to 2006, campaigning with taxpayer money, but it does seem he was tightly involved with the Dump Nader effort for exactly the reasons Democratic House Majority said; Nader's candidacy helps George Bush. And working right next to him is Mike Manzo who, it is reported, has agreed to plead guilty to Bonusgate charges. This was as Melissa Lewis testified under oath a "massive", "completely consuming", 12 paid Democratic House staffers working to find discrepancies in the Nader petitions. AND NO STAFFER TOOK LEAVE TIME; they were on the taxpayer clock. Could Bill DeWeese not have noticed or not have known? So far no 'smoking gun'.

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