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Clearly Kantrowitz

Millionaires and Murtha

SouthWest PA Race

RIP: Senator Rhoades

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Kantrowitz: A Clear Choice

Steve Kantrowitz v. Incumbent Andrew Dinniman: Senate 19, Chester County. Kantrowitz - A Clear Choice.

Note: for some reason, Senator Dinniman does not mention that he is or was a Political Science Professor at West Chester University. Senator Dinniman's most recent statement of financial interest lists West Chester University (the State) and the State (Senate) as sources of income. He is a professor of Global Studies at WCU (even though his degree is in Education) and lists his profession as State Senator/Professor.

Steve Kantrowitz advocates for Free Markets and opposes Unregulated Socialism, government control of business and special treatment for favored business people politically motivated WAMs, and phony "economic development" subsidized doctors and lawyers, subsidized 'green' businesses there's always an excuse to subsidize a favored constituency, supporting those who support you whether for common good or not.

Senator Andrew voted for $28.3 Billion Dollar State Budget on July 4th 2008 which he knew or should have known was not, as legally required, a balanced budget because Senator. Dinniman knew or should have known that there would be a shortfall in State Tax Revenues, that the spending could not be paid for by tax income, and was, in reality, out of balance. Senator Dinniman took office June 23d 2006. Isn't it his job to know if a revenue shortfall is anticipated? And to warn us? And not to vote for a phony budget? The spending in this budget exceeds the standards set forth in proposed Taxpayer Protection Act.

"The Taxpayer Protection Act/Amendment-which has 30 co-sponsors out of 50 Senators and sits in committee awaiting action-would limit General Fund budget spending increases to 3.29% this year. The proposed budget exceeds that amount by approximately $208 million.". See Commonwealth Foundation for more on Taxpayer Protection Act which Steve Kantrowitz has pledged to support and Incumbent Senator Dinniman has violated in his three budget votes, votes disregarded its spending limits. Protecting the Taxpayers - Proposals will help Gov. Rendell make government live within its means and How Taxpayer Protection would Benefit Small Businesses

Bailouts for Millionaires: What Did Murtha Know?

This video about Murtha talking about bailout. He is clueless and says Bush White House was saying everything was okay which White House never said. 'Blame Bush' and Republicans is Murtha's narrative. The "failure of markets", not "failure of government" is Murtha's message and the message of the Leftist Democrats.

Representative John Murtha didn't know about problems at Freddie Mae and Fannie Mae problems until six months ago when he learned about in passing conversation with Reresentative Kanjorski and blames Bush and the War for everything wrong with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

What did Representatives Murtha or Kanjorski know about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and when did they know it about?

Not much, it seems. And yet he voted for 100s of millions to bailout billionaires as if those who caused the problem are able or willing to solve the problem.
Murtha did not mention that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is a Schumer Democrat and key decision maker at Goldman Sachs. It does not appear that Representative Murtha knows much more than what he reads in the newspapers and, clearly, he has been reading the Wall Street Journal for past five years.

Another SW PA Race to Watch: Gearing v. Mahoney

Challenger Gary Gearing v. First Term Incumbent Tim Mahoney.

State House District 51 Uniontown Fayette County
First term incumbent Tim Mahoney was, in his first term, a driver of the Open Records bill and I attended a hearing where all agreed Pennsylvania needed this bill and then voted him down. He persisted and, unaccountably, House Majority Leader Bill DeWeese, leading House Democrats during Bonusgate, pushed it through. This bill applied Open Records to Pennsylvania Legislature for first time in Pennsylvania History and reversed a fifty year presumption that government records were not open to public. It would be good if Representative Mahoney acted proactively and put the House Democratic Caucus Checkbook Online now! New law is effective January 2009.

Representative Mahoney makes some good points about Keystone Opportunity Zones as subsidies. Unfortunately, as a captive of the House Democrats, he supports WAMS. WAMS, like Earmarks, are a gateway drug to more spending which sets the stage for more taxes and sucks savings and investment from job creating businesses that actually make something.

RIP: Senator James J. Rhoades

Longtime state Senator James J. Rhoades dead after traffic accident October 18 2008, Saturday 12:55 pm

"According to police, Rhoades was driving north on Route 209 near Brodheadsville, Monroe County, around 7:30 p.m. Friday when his car collided with a truck traveling south. Rhoades' car then struck a third vehicle on the shoulder."

"Schuylkill County lost an "icon" with the death of 28-year incumbent state Sen. James J. Rhoades on Saturday morning, while the state Senate will now be without one of its most senior and well-respected members, mournful friends and colleagues said." Citizen's Voice

A reminder of her own fragile, small place in the eternal and infinite universe; in all the sound and fury of politics and every day interactions, the Sturm und Drang of world events beyond our control which we try to make sense of, sudden death, random, unpredictable, unexpected reminds us 'from dust to dust, a fleeting shadow, a passing cloud, withering grass, broken pottery, a fading dream". Every day, every action, every word, every decision is a test, an opportunity for failure, defeat, humiliation and shame which we avoid and engage, overwhelmed, with the infinitesimally obscure dramas of our own lives; the ultimate defeat, humiliation and shame, defeated by all that opposed us in life, our adversaries win at our death. I knew of Sen. Jim Rhoades, and knew many who knew him personally and worked with him daily, and I was aware of his positions and policies on education were not mine, still, as a political and policy adversary he was important to me and now, no more. Some religious people believe, as I do, that every action of ours, no matter how trivial, quotidian or mundane, insignificant and unnoticed, affects the universe, this world and the next, to the ends of time and space. The Kaddish praises the Name of Creator of us all and never mentions death, it is a prayer of hope, optimism and faith, it never mentions death but is called the Mourners' Prayer because in moment of defeat and death, the prayer reminds us each life has meaning and importance to the Ruler of the Universe, a personal and interventionist god who cares what we do. No man is an island and the bell tolls for us all. Of the billions of people on this planet, and of all who lived and will live, few know Jim Rhoades and that is unimportant; it is important that God knows him. Choose Life. Baruch HaShem Praise the Lord

For more on the death of Pennsylvania Senator Jim Rhoades

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