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Perzel: Your Money, His Career

Man Bites Dog: politicians spend less on promoting themselves; save money for taxpayers (except Democrats and Republican John Perzel-Philadelphia- the most for any Republican: Taxpayers spent $55,000 for Perzel's PSA's)

General Assembly cuts money spent on promoting their members in phony PSAs, public service announcements, purportedly to inform their constituents of important programs but really to remind constituents about their elected official and connect him or her to a "something for nothing" government program, preferably, demonstrating elected representative's concern for children.

The House Republicans spent the least but House Republican, former speaker of the House and not a friend of reform, John Perzel spent the most of any single legislator.

Senate Republicans spent nothing on PSAs and Senate Democrats spent a very modest $25,049. Other people's money. Monopoly money.

Key sentences in With Spending Under Scrutiny, Lawmakers Slash Ads:
Among the four legislative caucuses, House Democrats spent this most this term at $1.1 million. That represents a modest cut compared to the $1.6 million the caucus spent in 2005-06. House Republicans, who led PSA spending last term with $4.4 million worth of ads, cut their spending dramatically to $207,179. Senators spent comparatively little on the ads. Senate Democrats spent $25,049 this term while Senate Republicans spent none.

Rich Costello: Public Servent and Perzel's Challenger

Rich Costello, public servant, Challenger to Career Politician John Perzel.

Costello is a 34-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police force and served as President of his local Fraternal Order of Police for 10 years.

Costello's campaign site has this to add: December 1973, Officer Rich Costello was on patrol as a Philadelphia police officer when he was shot by a criminal twice in the head. Rich survived and returned to his beat protecting our community for another 34 years. Rich rose through the ranks to Captain, and was elected as President of the Fraternal Order of Police FIVE times. Today he's running for State Representative to continue the fight to get guns off our streets and reduce crime.

For more on Rich Costello see an extensive bio and another shorter bio at PolitickerPa

At the Other End of the State: DeWeese Vs. Hopkins

House Majority Leader Bill DeWeese is under terrific pressure because of Bonusgate and it is amazing to see his composure. Nevertheless, if both Perzel and DeWeese are rejected by Voters, it would be a step away from Business As Usual among a small group of Insider Incumbents, Career Politicians, and their network of lobbyists and special interests.

Greg Hopkins is not a career politician as is clear; he is not schooled in the ways of Harrisburg, of slick evasions. It is evident that he is not as well versed on issues as 32 year Career Politician and House Majority Leader Bill DeWeese. DeWeese's campaign seems to be tell the voters that he has paid for their votes with Pork and without him, their economic condition would be fa wase.

DeWeese Hopkins Meet Herald Standard Board - I


DeWeese Hopkins Meet the Herald Standard Board -II

DeWeese Hopkins meet the Herald Standard Board- III

Clear Choice for State House 136: Ron Shegda

A Clear Choice for Representative 136: Ron Shegda for the Forgotten Taxpayer versus Incumbent Career Politician for Himself and His Corrupt Cronies. Ron Shegda's experience is as a small, self-employed businessman in a tough economy; his opponent's experience is as a lifetime politician experienced in the ways of Harrisburg's Insides. Incumbent 26 year Career Politician and Harrisburg Insider Bob Freeman has:

1) Squandered the Surplus by voting for ever increasing spending in Harrisburg instead of returning it to the productive taxpayer whose taxes he has raised for 26 years in Harrisburg. Spending and Borrowing set the stage for future Tax Increases

2) Raised his lifetime pension by 50% while raising your taxes by voting for 50% increase in his pension in 2001, a pension which is shielded from market ups and downs because it is guaranteed by productive taxpayers. Some people produce taxes; some people consume taxes

3) Been a loyal and reliable player on Team Bonusgate, the corrupt House Democrat Caucus; he has never called for the House Democrats to return the millions of dollars of tax money his Team took from Taxpayers. Team Player Bob Freeman was rewarded with promotion to Committee Chair of Local Government by House Democratic Caucus Leaders Bill DeWeese and now indicted Mike Veon. Bob Freeman does not post his expenses or his per diems online.

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