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Positive Economic Benefits

Citizens Prosper - Government Grabs

Energy Independence for All

Ligonier School District

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Positive Economic Benefits for PA from Natural Gas Drilling

Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Drilling (not a government program) is having and is expected to continue to have major positive economic benefits not only for northeast Pennsylvania rural counties of Bradford, Susquehanna and Wayne but also in western counties, Westmoreland and southwestern counties, Greene and Washington Counties. These western and southwestern counties are currently heavily subsidized by Representative John Murtha's Earmarks (something for nothing bailouts and subsidies, welfare). Natural gas drilling offers opportunity for economic independence for these counties.

Shale drilling would benefit state by $500 million annually. "For every $1 billion in royalty income paid to Pennsylvania residents, nearly 8,000 jobs will be created annually. The economic benefits will have a rippling effect across the state, providing money for new businesses, schools and roads"

The Opportunities and Challenges of Natural Gas in Bradford County

Natural gas industry transforming small Susquehanna County towns

Trade Association Independent Oil and Gas Association of Pennsylvania "An industry association representing oil and gas producers, counting 19 of the top 20 producers in the Commonwealth. Real energy for Pennsylvania - today!"

Fascinating economic statistics - impact outside of southeast Pennsylvania

Citizens Prosper and Government Grabs

5 companies share high bids for Pa. gas drilling

Five out-of-state companies are the high bidders for the right to drill for natural gas on more than 74,000 acres in Pennsylvania's state forests.

Read more Natural Gas Leases - Marcellus Shale articles

The high bidders were among 17 companies that competed for the drilling rights over a potentially lucrative natural-gas formation known the Marcellus Shale. The 18 tracts that were put out to bid by the state forestry agency are located in Tioga and Lycoming counties in north-central Pennsylvania. All together, the high bids total about $190 million.Three of the companies are from Texas and two are from New York.
Of course the government wants to grab its share: Potential Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate in 2010 Onorato wants county say, share in airport gas leases

Energy Independence for All

The gas reserve has been estimated at 50 trillion cubic meters, enough to supply the nation's demand for more than two years.

If it pans out, Pennsylvania natural gas could significantly augment the amount of fuel available to heat homes and generate electricity in the Northeast, where demand is highest, he said. Most of northern Dauphin County is within its range.
Ligonier School District

Natural Gas Drilling Ligonier school district cuts gas-drilling deal

LIGONIER - A western Pennsylvania school district says it has cut a better deal with a different company that wants to drill for natural gas on the district's property.
Ligonier Valley School District had a deal last year that would have paid the district 12.5 percent royalties on any gas found. That company didn't drill on district land because nearby wells weren't producing.

The new deal is with Dallas-based Western Land Services Inc., which will pay the district some money whether crews find any gas or not.

The district is getting $2,500 per acre for the rights to drill on 90 acres of land through the year 2013. If gas is found, the district will also get 16 percent royalties, 200,000 cubic feet of free gas each year, and other perks.

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