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Costello v. Perzel

Leach WAM's

Vote "No" on PA Debt

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Costello v. Perzel

Good summary of the Nov. 4 challenge by Rich Costello.

John Perzel's record of raising his pay and pension while raising our taxes is one deserving of challenge. (Explanation of bills on left margin)

For more extensive source for legislative record for John Perzel Pennsylvania State House, Pennsylvani State Senate and the Governor see The Liberty Index.

A vote for John Perzel is not a vote for reform or lower taxes or less government but a vote to further entrench the Harrisburg Establishment Network of Insiders, Lobbyists, Financial Advisors, Lawyers, Bond Counsel, and no bid vendors.

Vote John McCain commander-in-chief and chief executive, Rich Costello for State Reperesentative 172d for law and order and working people, for Attorney General John Morganelli to clean up bi-partisan corruption.

Leach: WAM's $20k Bank Robbery

WAMs, a time honored way of taking money from some private citizens and giving it to other private citizens. WAMs are the Pennsylvania General Assembly's equivalent to federal EARMARKS.

Recently, Representative Leach ingratiated himself with local community organization by Earmarking a $20,000 WAM to Save Ardmore Coalition which had originally been formed to oppose "Eminent Domain for Private Gain" that is, taking private property from one citizen and giving to another. Yet, SAC seems to have no compunction in taking taxpayer money, money other people saved and which was taxed from them, taken by compulsion. The nature of taxes is that the individual citizen does not have the individual choice whether or not to pay taxes and how much; he is coerced by collective community.

If one proposed to the truly civic minded members of SAC, and I know them personally to be honest and community minded people, to rob a bank to raise funds for SAC, they would be appalled and reject it as an outrage. Yet, deputizing, outsourcing the bank robbery to Daylin Leach raises no similar repulsion because we have become so immune to clear truth that this $20,000 was taken from our tax producing neighbors and given to SAC and worst of all, extending to the bank robber himself, Daylin Leach, and the fellow taxpayers who actually worked to produce the revenues they received is forgotten. The Conservative Reform Network reminds of our debt to the Forgotten Taxpayer. See also Leach SAC WAM

Vote "No" on Referendum on PA Debt

Tony Phyrillas draws out attention to a bond vote on the November 4th ballot and makes the case against more debt.

We, the people, will get to vote on whether we want Pennsylvania to take on more debt. More debt for more spending: Spending sets the stage for tax increases which drain savings and investment from businesses that create jobs and produce goods and provides services we want and choose to pay for. Where does savings and investment come from? From us. Real money measures real goods and real services; taxes and government spending, necessary for limited purposes, suck the life out of economic enterprises, real people working to produce real goods and real services.

Debt kicks the tax can down the road allowing bi-partisan political class to escape accountability.

Vote no for more debt; more taxes; and yes to savings and investment in businesses that create jobs, produce goods and provide services. Government does not grow the economy; people do.

Once Upon a Time in Harrisburg

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