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American Mortgage Market
Scranton Steamtown
Leach vs. Lance; Stephens vs. Taylor
Union Workers

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Dear Lowman,

Welcome back to School. This focuses on Subsidies. You can view more posts on my

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The American Mortgage Market is Now Officially Socialized

U.S. Seizes Mortgage Giants
Government Ousts CEOs of Fannie, Freddie; Promises Up to $200 Billion in Capital
The government has complete control of housing finance and, indirectly, almost complete
control of housing production and ownership in the US. Not Good. . Previously,
mortgage market was using the Corporate State model, euphemistically and misleadingly
called, "public private" partnership. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were "government
sponsored entities (GSEs as the insiders call them) and had access to capital, money
to lend to mortgage market, at below market rates because of the then implicit,
now explicit, government (taxpayer) guarantees protecting investors from risk of
business mistakes. Subsidizing private profits at public expense is not the free
market where mistakes have consequences to investors and managers. Subsidies and
Taxpayer Guarantees socialize and politicize economic decisions, what are best
left to the individuals. If you are smart enough to vote, you should be smart enough
to spend and invest your own money.
And what is worse the BIG THREE AUTO makers are on their way to Washington for their
own subsidies or guarantees having failed to compete with global auto market. Taxpayers
and Consumers are set to lose; unionized workforce and management executives set
to win.
Bailouts for Billion Dollar Big Three Car Corporations
See CRN Blog
and WSJ Op-Ed Detroit's Blackmail Attempt Is Beyond Shameless
By PAUL INGRASSIA September 8, 2008

Scranton Steamtown $176M in 20 Years

This is money taken from productive taxpayers, money that many saved, and misused
for something they don't want. If the taxpayer wanted it, they would have bought
a ticket with their own money.
Then-U.S. Rep. Joseph M. McDade shepherded the project
fending off detractors in the late 1980s and early 1990s to secure money to plan
and develop the site.
If the 100,000 who visit think this is worthwhile, can't they pay for it with their
own money. What's next? Subsidies to Dorney Park, Hershey, and why not. They serve
the public. It is in the public interest that the public, who can't afford a park
mainly because he government is soaking up money that could be invested in, for
example, providing health care but which our elected officials, frustrated venture
capitalists, think should be 'invested' in Steamtown in Scranton Wilkes-Barre
What has happened there is a disaster," said steam enthusiast Donald L. Pevsner,
a transportation lawyer and consumer advocate who contends taxpayers are not receiving
their money's worth for the estimated $176 million that has been poured into Steamtown
since 1986.

Leach v. Lance and Stephens v. Taylor

This is a first class press release
The Democrats are bringing the Philadelphia unions to Montgomery Courthouse along
with Project Labor Agreements and Prevailing Wage and government subsidies.

Stephens press release details Representative Taylor's support at "Taylor's Labor
Donations.pdf" appended to the press release.
Unions drive up cost and size of government setting the stage not only for tax
but also reducing the amount of individual, private savings that can be invested
in job creating, productive businesses. Work is good for workers, and that means
businesses and profits to pay people for working. Unions take what others have built
up. If one wants to support unions, then there is party for that person, Joe Hoeffel
and Jim Matthews belong to that party.
Whatever can be said of Representative. Taylor can be said of Senate Candidate Daylin
Leach. More unions, more government, more taxes, less personal and economic freedom.

Union Worker Steals from Union Worker
Union workers stealing from workers
Can this be? I thought unions protected workers. Anne L. Clyburn and Sharon L.
Campbell steal from United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776. I thought it
was the greedy employers, you know, the people who build the businesses that create
jobs for workers, that stole from workers. Unions demonizing the employers and
the businesses that pay them and, even, taxpayers who support government schools.

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