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Spending at Owen J. Roberts

NOT Screwed Up Schools

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Dear Lowman,

Welcome back to School. This focuses on Screwed Up Schools, along with a list of school that do it right! You can view more posts on my blog.
Also, I would like to draw your attention to a new networking site dedicated to connect politically active people, vendors, campaigns, businesses and groups. Sign up today to and become ask to become part of my network. I will be posting unique blogs on the site.

Correction: In last week's newsletter, we incorrectly stated where Great Valley School District is. It is in Malvern, PA. Sorry for the error.
Spending at Owen J. Roberts School

Owen J. Roberts Middle School: 1/2 million watts on the sports stadium, high pursuit SUVs for school police and it goes on. And how will we, the people pay for all of this, hammer the homeowner on fixed income!

And does it occur to anyone that there is no evidence that any of this spending results in any child, even one, learning any more.

The Adventures of Mr. Silly in Nonsenseland
Friday, September 05, 2008

Note from editor of TCRN blog: Tony Phyrillas blog is worth subscribing to.

Schools that are NOT Screwed Up

Here is a list of noteworthy schools and organizations that work as they are supposed to: aim to educate children.

Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School
PA Coalition for Charter Schools
Reach Alliance
School Choice Saves (Commonwealth Foundation)
Hope Partnership for Education
Boys' Latin' Latin of Philadelphia Charter School

Leach Vs. Lance: Where Do they Stand on Education?

What are the positions of the candidates for State Senate and State House on HB 1369?

Should Pennsylvania have strike free education? In a recent debate, Simon Campbell makes the case that we should and Incumbent Democrat Daylin Leach (149 Lower Merion (part) and Upper Merion, Bridgeport, West Conshohocken)
Simon Campbell debates Daylin Leach and wins see the debate here.

The Souderton Strike continues as of September 9th.
Simon Campbell of Stop Teacher Strikes advocates for a strike free education for all Pennsylvania children. Simon informs us of two strikes starting Tuesday, September 2, the day after Labor Day and below is list of all potential school strikes, a total of 116 at present (originally, 125).

THE "STRIKE POTENTIAL" DISTRICTS -total 115 including Duquesne and Souderton (check back for updates)

Simon Campbell articulates the dangers to education of collective conformity of compulsory unionism and the detriment to quality education. The Union requires that the best teacher, the teacher most effective to helping a child to full intellectual potential, and the worst teacher who doesn't, with the same seniority, get paid the same. Seniority, not performance is rewarded.
PACLS: 2 National Merit Winners

The Bulletin, again, delivers information we needand NOT found in Inquirer. Note that West Chester's Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School is a CYBER charter and I have visited it and its cutting edge, high tech facility. and it, like The Bulletin, delivers. Note a Home Schooler was also national merit scholar.

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