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Our November meeting will be held on Tuesday the 14th at 7:00 PM. Please note it is the SECOND TUESDAY, as the third Tuesday is Thanksgiving week and the Church complex will be in use. As usual we will assemble at “The Warehouse”, located at 2230 Boyd Road adjacent to Cornerstone Ministries in Murrysville.
Our guest speaker for November is Mr. Greg Wrightstone, who is a geologist who has spent more than 35 years investigating the Earth and its processes. He is a strong proponent of the scientific process and often refers to a basic tenet of English law:Audiatur et alters pars or “Let both sides be fairly heard.”
Greg has just published an excellent book entitled Inconvenient Facts, signed copies of which will be available for sale that evening.
Greg will explain with facts and charts how “Global Warming” is a hoax and that any “Climate Change” that may be occurring, is NOT due to any man-made efforts. He will explain how the cycles of nature and Sun Spots do more to affect our weather than all the man-made activity combined. He will also explain why CO2 is NOT a hazardous gas but a vital component of the atmosphere that is one of the keys to life and food production.
He will also explain how the environmental fanatics, led by Al Gore, use false and twisted information to scare people and indoctrinate our children with their propaganda.
You will find this to be a very informative and fascinating evening, so line up your friends and neighbors and come out to our meeting on November 14th.
On the national scene the big Governor’s race in Virginia went to the GOP with Ed Gillispie holding off the leftist Ralph Northam. Tens of millions of dollars were poured into this race from across the country and we were fortunate to turn this governorship back into Red territory!
In Pennsylvania there was a mixed bag in the State judicial races, which showed the Trump momentum faltered a bit as voter turnout was pretty woeful for many of these contests. The property tax proposal on the ballot passed which may give us a glimmer of hope that taxes may come down, but only when we elect fiscally-minded school board members. By November 11th, we will know who the GOP candidate will be for the special election in the 18th Congressional District after Tim Murphy resigned last month. The Democrats will choose their candidate on November 19th and a special election will be held on March 13, 2018.
All this leads many to wonder what is on the horizon for the 2018 mid-term elections. Some have indicated that if the Republicans don’t get any meaningful tax reform legislation passed by the end of 2017, they could be in real trouble in holding the House and could easily lose the Senate, even though far more Democrats are up for election in states that Trump won last year.
These elections are for the GOP to lose as the Democrats are in disarray after the revelations in Donna Brazile’s new book exposing how the Clintons used every devious trick to take over the DNC preventing Bernie Sanders from getting the nomination. Even with all the hundreds of millions to work with and a fawning Media on her side, Hillary still managed to lose to Donald Trump. Will we ever forget that wonderful victory on November 8, 2016?? The more I see and watch President Trump in action, I truly believe he was chosen by God to lead America out of the swamp. Millions of Christians worked and prayed for his success and some even made prophecies that Trump would become President as God’s Spirit gave them words of wisdom to predict. The most well known of these men is Mark Taylor"I urge you to buy his book entitled The Trump Prophecies. Reading it gave me pause to thank God when Mr. Taylor, a former fireman from Florida, gives times and dates, long before November 8th, that Donald Trump would be President. It is awesome when you can look back and see God’s plan being carried out in our time.
We as God’s people can look forward to 2018 with confidence IF we pray, work and rely on Him for guidance. Only then can we have continued success in draining the swamp and see America truly be made great again. The worse thing we can do is believe the battle is won, and sit back on our laurels and become complacent. That is a sure recipe for disaster, as God requires us to remain faithful and continue spreading the Gospel and the cause of freedom throughout the land and the world!

• With everyone now aware of the opioid epidemic overtaking millions of Americans, HOW can a recent poll indicate that over 60% of people want marijuana to be legalized? It seems the same mindset that dismissed the connection between child pornography and child molestation is the same one that can’t see a connection between marijuana and heroin. Opiates"which include heroin, codeine and morphine"are drugs made from the opium poppy. A few years ago you could hardly find anyone who was on heroin that didn’t start out on marijuana"marijuana was definitely a gateway for more wicked and powerful drugs. Added to this drug problem was the explosion of manufactured pain killers like OxyContin. Perdue Pharma, which manufactures OxyContin, assured doctors that modern opiate pills weren’t addictive and could be used over long periods of time without any harmful effects. Obviously that claim has been proven to be a lie, but in the last two decades, pain prescriptions have quadrupled. In 2010, Americans which make up about 5% of the world’s population, consumed 80% of the world’s opioids, and that number has only increased in the last 7 years. President Trump has declared the opioid crisis a national emergency and hopefully meaningful action will take place to curb this blight on America. I see this as a war on two fronts"one on illegal drugs and one on the pharmaceutical companies. The faster the WALL is built the quicker illegal drugs will slow down coming into America. The battle with the drug industry will be much tougher but it must be carried out to save American lives. While many claim that marijuana helps those with certain illnesses to cope better, I have never seen or heard of so many people who all of a sudden have a condition that requires marijuana usage. Until we educate people to the inherent dangers of marijuana use, this problem will be with us for a long time leading to tens of thousands of more deaths.
• Back to Hillary for a moment, when will the DOJ drop the hammer on her and the traitorous uranium deal she and Bill pulled off with the Russians? We must demand that Congress and the DOJ under Jeff Sessions start intensive hearings and investigations to uncover the damage these clowns have caused. A true investigation would quickly uncover far more Democratic collusion with the Russians than anything the Trump Administration is being charged with.
• In the same category is Obama and his treasonous Iranian nuclear deal, whereby $150 BILLION of our tax dollars went to Iran. Trump indicated that he would get rid of that outrageous arrangement, and we must demand that he follow through on his campaign promise.
• Since I mentioned Obama, the recent decision whereby a judge has freed Army Sgt. Beau Bergdahl, is another sickening case where Obama should be held even more accountable than this pathetic AWOL soldier. When you think of it, what commander would ever trade FIVE hardened terrorists out of GITMO for this worthless deserter who willing left his unit and gave himself up to the Taliban. In the process of trying to retrieve Bergdahl, true brave soldiers were wounded and some may have been killed. The worst fiction story couldn’t come up with the reality of the Obama treachery, which aided our enemies in many ways. While the Left and the Antifa crowd keep calling for Trump’s impeachment, in a sane world, Obama would be tried for treason and imprisoned based on our Constitution’s definition of “giving aid and comfort to the enemy”!
• More terrorism, whether by Islamic or domestic scum, continues to strike America. From Las Vegas and New York to Sutherland Springs, TX, innocent people’s lives are being torn apart by gunfire, trucks and other deadly weapons. These godless creatures are satanic in their actions and yet the Media want to focus on the guns, rather than on the twisted minds of these foul murderers. Thank God that despite all the horror in TX, it was a law-abiding citizen using his rifle that stopped the misfit Kelley. As we have always said, “don’t ever give up your guns” and in fact buy more and get a license to carry, even to Church!

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