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160 MAUS DRIVE PHONE: 724-863-2520
IRWIN, PA 15642 E-MAIL: 724-875-7024
Our September meeting on Tuesday, the 19th will be held at the “Warehouse,” located across the road from Cornerstone Ministries in Murrysville. The main agenda item will be the topic of “Smart Meters” and how they are an unwanted and unnecessary intrusion into our lives.
Our guest speaker will be Norbert Sliwinski, who has been studying this subject for some time and is willing to give us a detailed presentation. He has been fighting with Duquesne Light and the PUC in trying to stop their efforts to make everyone comply with these meters. Norbert will also have flyers to pass out at our meeting.
He lives in Allegheny County, but I have had a number of people call me from Westmoreland County who have gotten letters from West Penn Power giving them notice that meters will be installed in the future. There are differing opinions as to whether these are mandates or voluntary requests that are being rendered by the electric companies, based on Act 129 that was passed by the PA Legislature. But we hope to get to the bottom of this problem at our meeting on September 19th. We will begin at 7:00PM and ask that you alert your friends and neighbors about this important subject. I also urge you to bring along any correspondence from your electric company and any information where you have been affected by these policies.

Looking down the road, our October meeting on Tuesday, the 17th, will be a candidates forum as we will invite those running for Judge and other offices in the State and County. Plan now to attend this important meeting.

In November, on Tuesday, the 21st, we are honored to have Greg Wrightstone as our featured speaker. Greg is a scientist and researcher who has written a new book entitled, “Inconvenient Facts”. This book is easy to understand and exposes the lies and nonsense that have been spewed forth by Al Gore and his doomsday scenario that man is destroying the earth through Climate Change. This book is in the process of being published and will be available for sale on October 24th. I told Greg that since the 24th is United Nations Day, at least we know that something good occurred on that date!!
Greg assured me that he will have a number of copies available for sale at our meeting, so circle the 21st of November as a must hear speech by Greg!

• Speaking of Climate Change, as I write this newsletter on September 9th, the top story of the last several days is the destructive Hurricane Irma heading to Florida and other mainland points in the US. We just felt the wrath of Harvey as it flooded Houston and other parts of Texas and Louisiana last week. Now Irma is making a visit in a one-two punch to America. As usual, President Trump is being blamed for these NATURAL events because he didn’t sign the Paris Climate Accords earlier this year. Yet he did a tremendous service to America by NOT getting us involved with another meaningless treaty that was really designed by the New World Order crowd to fleece America of tens of billions of dollars in payments to help curb Global Warming! This scenario is all the more reason to buy “Inconvenient Facts” to counter all the environmental maniacs who worship the earth instead of the God who created it!
• If there were any silver linings that came out of these two hurricane disasters, it is the wonderful outpouring of love and concern by tens of thousands of Americans to help each other in this national time of need. American ingenuity and a take charge attitude prevailed in Houston for all the world to see firsthand as strangers rolled up their sleeves and got to work before the government got out of the dugout. What a thrilling sight to see hundreds of boats, tractors and giant trucks saving people from their homes and vehicles. Men and women who lost their own homes forgot about their worries and plunged literally into the waters to help others in distress. This finest of Christian examples in helping ones’ brothers and sisters was unbelievable. The Houston Texans’ football star J.J. Watt started a fund by donating $100,000, hoping to get $300,000 to help in the relief effort. In less than a week, he received over $20 million! Only in America could such a thing happen. President Trump and Melania donated $1 million to the relief effort, dividing their gift between Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse organization and the Salvation Army. The goodness of America is shining at its best and people with decent hearts will be called on to give even more in the aftermath of Irma.
• After giving the above mentioned accolades to the American people, we then have to deal with Congress! In typical fashion they are wrangling over how to pay for the relief effort and talk about the debt ceiling, etc. Here are two immediate solutions to the money problem.
• Any Congressman or Senator who opposes this AMERICAN idea should be voted out of office in the next election.
• I noticed the Attorney General of Florida warned various companies about price gouging in the wake of the Irma disaster. She pointed out that gas prices have risen to $2.65 and even $2.75 a gallon!! I demand that we in Pennsylvania be gouged to that level in lieu of the $2.95 we are currently paying ! Not only does Pennsylvania have one of the highest taxes on gasoline in the country, the state Senate voted to impose a 5.7% tax on natural gas that we use to heat our homes. Our friend Lowman Henry, Chairman and CEO of the Lincoln Institute, wrote an excellent and detailed article on this subject on 9/8/17. Check out the Lincoln Institute website for the complete information.
• Let’s turn to the statue debate for a moment. If we are to remove all Confederate statues because of the Civil War, then we should immediately remove ALL Mosques because of 9/ 11!! With that awful terror-filled anniversary upon us, I think that should be part of the debate going on in America. We should also look at West Virginia. Yes, they have finally seen the light and started to vote Conservative and Republican, giving Trump a huge margin of victory last November. But if we are doing away with racists and bigots, then all the many roads, buildings, parks and other public places to honor former Senator and KKK leader Robert Byrd should be renamed to honor more deserving people. While we are at it, one of the biggest pushers for removing the Confederate monuments is Anderson Cooper on CNN. He comes from the Vanderbilt family whose vast wealth was amassed during a period when they owned slaves. Perhaps this hypocrite should resign or at least apologize for his dark family background!
• On the good news front, the cop killer Michael Travaglia finally is dead, not by the hand of the State but through natural causes. He and his evil partner John Lesko killed at least 4 people over 35 years ago and during that time we taxpayers have spent several million dollars keeping this scum alive as they appealed and dodged the Death Penalty, using slippery lawyers and yellow-bellied judges and governors. Hundreds of others on Death Row are draining millions of our much needed tax dollars as civil rights groups and anti-death penalty activists worry about whether these animals will feel any pain when they are put to death! They never think about the terror and agony their victims suffered as they were being raped, strangled, knifed, drowned or slaughtered in some other heinous manner, plus the anguish and grief these victims, families live with everyday. When will we, the people wake up and demand justice be carried out on the child molesters, drug pushers and other misfits in society that are creating havoc and costing us tens of millions of dollars each year?
• The last subject I want to cover is North Korea. Many experts in our country are and have been worried about an enemy exploding a nuclear warhead in our atmosphere that would destroy our power grid and knock out much of our communication and daily electronic functions. I propose that we a have preemptive strike over Kim Jung Un’s dictatorship and knock him back into the stone age.

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