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ONLINE NEWS April 17, 2017

One Step Closer to
Defunding Planned Parenthood

Pro-Life President Donald Trump has signed a bill that will overturn a rule President Obama put in place just before leaving office that prevented states from blocking Title X funding to abortion companies such as Planned Parenthood. Now that the rule has been overturned, states can redirect Title X funds away from abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood and toward comprehensive Community Health Centers that better serve women and girls.

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Today is the Deadline
to Register to Vote for PA Primary

Today, Monday, April 17th, is the deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania's Primary Election, which will take place May 16th. You must be registered in order to vote in the primary. Many important races are on the ballot, including contests for PA Supreme Court, Superior Court, and Commonwealth Court. For information about registering, please visit Remember–every vote really does count!

Strangers in a Strange Land
Which Includes Abortion on Demand

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director

The news analysis may come from an unlikely source, but it is ingeniously apt, nonetheless.

In his new book, Strangers in a Strange Land, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia discusses media bias against the cause of life. The highly-respected clergyman writes of a "chronic newsroom prejudice in the shaping of certain kinds of news."

This prejudice has, in fact, been in place for decades--long before the concept of "fake news" hit Facebook. As Archbishop Chaput notes, "Planned Parenthood is assumed good, while critics who secretly film its cynicism, profiteering, and barbarism are assumed bad, to cite only one of many examples."

This astute observer of news also frankly identifies the favoritism present in the very words most journalists use to describe the taking of innocent human life through the cruelty of abortion:

"...the language of 'abortion rights,' common in most newsrooms, has the familiar Orwellian ring of avoiding an unpleasant reality (killing a child in utero) by calling it something else."

Archbishop Chaput also argues that, in American society, "The underlying assumption of our public discourse today is that facts and values are radically distinct." Values are not portrayed as being as "real" as facts are. Instead, they are treated as mere opinions which can be dismissed easily and quite cavalierly.

In the candid style that has earned him such acclaim, Archbishop Chaput writes:

"Of course, for most of us, murdering the disabled, starving the poor, or deliberately targeting innocent civilians in war is an appalling idea, a crime against humanity.

"But apparently sucking the brains out of unborn children, or trading in their body parts, is not so appalling. It may even be 'good,' because we already do it.

"We not only do it, but we also build a fortress of pious-sounding chatter about reproductive rights to surround and bless it."

Why should Americans--often led by American women--continue the struggle to safeguard the sanctity of innocent human life?

In the words of the country's first Native American archbishop, "The right to life is the foundation of every other right, which makes intentionally killing an unborn child, or encouraging, enabling, or deliberately tolerating such a killing, a uniquely vile act."

Life can and must win in the end, for the sake of both our kin and our country.

Mother's Day Bulletin Inserts

Mother's Day is only a few weeks away, and once again we will be celebrating motherhood with a pro-life bulletin insert for this special day. For those interested in having their church participate with a pro-life Mother's Day message, we have both half sheet and full sheet bulletin inserts available. Please email Education Director Matthew Wagner at and let us know whether you want the half sheet or the full sheet version emailed to you.


Wyoming Valley Pennsylvanians for Human Life and Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation--Pro-Life Town Hall Meeting. Tuesday, April 25, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Best Western Plus Genetti Hotel ~Conference Center 77 East Market Street, Wilkes Barre, PA 18702. No registration or fee required. For more information, contact Betty Caffrey at 570-826-1819 during the day or 570-474-6180 in the evening.
Elk County Right to Life and Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation--Pro-Life Town Hall Meeting. Wednesday, April 26, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Sacred Heart Parish Center (rear entrance) 337 Center St, St. Mary's PA 15857. No registration or fee required. For more information, contact Mary Bea Maloney at 814-834-3834 or by emailing
Crawford County Citizens for Life and Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation--Pro-Life Town Hall Luncheon. Thursday, April 27, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM. St. Agatha Center, Pine and S. Main Sts., Meadville PA 16335. Free will donations will be accepted to cover the cost of lunch. Register by April 21 by contacting Barb Burkett at 814-336-8443 or by emailing
Southwest Region Pennsylvanians for Human Life and Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation--Pro-Life Town Hall Meeting. Thursday, April 27, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM Cranberry Municipal Building, 2525 Rochester Road Cranberry Twp PA 16066. Park in the back ~enter through double doors and go to the BEAR RUN ROOM. All are welcome to attend. No registration or fee required. For more information, contact Kathy at 412-889-5389.
Bucks County Right to Life and Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation-- Pro-Life Town Hall Meeting. Monday, May 22, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. St. Mary's Hall, East State Steet. ~Maple Avenue Doylestown PA 18901. For more information, contact Kathy Cox at 215-348-4381.

For pro-life events in your area, click here . For a complete list of chapters, click here .

Live in Southeast PA? Contact SE Regional Coordinator Carla Ezell to find out more about joining a chapter in Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, or Philadelphia County. You can reach Carla by e-mail at

If you live in another part of the state and you'd like to get involved in a local chapter, contact Executive Director Michael Ciccocioppo at or by phone at 717-541-0034.

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